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Claypaky Scenius makes high-impact Kazakhstan debut
Lighting Designer
Oleksandr Manzenko (ILUMO)
Cyberlight PRO
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Almaty, Kazakhstan – The brand new additions to the innovative Claypaky range of entertainment lighting, the Scenius Profile and Scenius Spot, have made their Kazakhstan debut, joining almost 200 other Claypaky luminaires to deliver stunning lighting looks for Kazakh pop sensation Madina Saduakasova’s recent concert in the Palace of the Republic, Almaty.  

Lighting designer Oleksandr Manzenko of Ukraine-based design house ILUMO is no stranger to Claypaky’s creative tools, commenting: “On every project I do Claypaky equipment makes up more than 50 percent of my lighting rider. The speed at which you can switch between parameters as well as the infinite possibilities provided by the properly-fitted gobos and effects engines mean they never fail to help turn my creative ideas into a reality.”

For Marina Saduakasova Manzenko chose 24 x Scenius Spot and 8 x Scenius Profile luminaires alongside 60 x Sharpy, 44 x A.leda B-EYE K20, 22 x A.leda B-EYE K10, 22 x Stormy CC, 12 x A.leda Wash K20 and 8 x Alpha Profile 800. The lighting package was supplied by Cyberlight PRO.

“On stage there were seven LED screens displaying video, one of which was a central triangle screen,” says Manzenko. ““The Scenius fixtures were really key to balancing the video – the brightness and impressive number of gobos in each fixture allowed me to fill the floor with a wide range of effects.”

Winning a PLASA Innovation Award 2016, the Claypaky Scenius Profile has a powerful effects engine, with the judges commenting the fixture’s innovation “reaches from the lamp and reflector all the way through the optical path”.  The fixture has 14 gobos (six rotating + eight fixed) and a cutting edge beam framing system that meant Manzenko was able to manage the effects and focal planes with complete accuracy.

“Claypaky continually impresses me with the development of revolutionary products and the Scenius range is no exception,” says Manzenko. “I am very pleased with its brightness and wide ranging zoom ensuring it will always be seen. Not only that, both the Scenius Spot and Scenius Profile have fantastic colour output for television.”

Working alongside the Scenius range to create a range of stunning effects and weave magic into Mazenko’s design was the A.leda B-EYE K20 A.leda B-EYE K10.

“I could not imagine the show without the B-EYEs,” says Manzenko. “The incredible beam shaping allowed me to create diverse atmospheres for each song.”

The B-EYE is a hybrid fixture able to perform in Wash, Beam and FX mode. Its honeycomb-shaped front lens optimizes the fixture’s output so that in wash mode it performs as one of the brightest LED washes on the market. In FX mode it is able to create stunning eye-candy effects that sparkle on stage like jewels.

Manzenko also drew on the super bright, parallel beams of the ever-popular Claypaky Sharpy to help draw the audience eye to Madina Saduakasova. “The Sharpy’s beautiful colour changing and built in prism effects combined with its speed and output is what makes it indispensable in my lighting designs,” he says.