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Gigi D’Agostino considers it “the world’s most beautiful nightclub”. Coccoluto declares it as “one of the best nightclubs I’ve ever seen”, while Albertino assures that it is “the largest in Europe”. In fact it is hard not to be taken aback by Marina di Pietrapaola’s nightclub, “Cleopatra”, which embodies all of the magnificence of antique Egyptian civilization that its name suggests.

This nightclub covers several hectares of parkland about ten km away from Rossano Calabro. Cleopatra has always been an unrivalled landmark in summer entertainment for ten years, drawing thousands of people of all ages from all over Italy. “On the most popular days – confirms Nicola Flotta, owner and art director – we can reach up to 15,000 guests”. These are clearly stadium proportions, which never seem to worry Mr. Flotta, as his club has the space to host such numbers easily and without queues.

Now let us look at this mega-structure in more detail: it offers a wide and varied range of entertainment and the strong theme of Egyptian symbolism runs throughout the rooms. A bust of Cleopatra towers over the entrance, setting this theme immediately. A wide path lined with Mediterranean palm trees brings clients right into the heart of the club, where the main dance floor is covered by a pyramid-shaped roof. Three smaller dance floors, which are arranged like satellites around the main floor, are surrounded by a moat and linked by the same stream of water. The area also offers 3 maxi-bars, a sphinx, a pyramid that houses management and artistic offices and the console room, 4 fountains illuminated with 8-metre water jets, an immaculate park and the “Charro” chill-out room, a separate Cuban-style lounge for those who love Caribbean atmospheres.

Cleopatra’s success lies not only in its original idea and design, but also in all the extraordinary events offered to guests every year. Gigi D’Agostino, David Morales, Albertino, Coccoluto, Fargetta and D’Ambrosio are just a few of the international star guests who frequently tread the boards, along with Resident DJ Franco Siciliano and LJ Cataldo, who leave clients entranced not only on the dance floor. Cleopatra has also organized various “theme” nights over the years, such as music events, social gatherings and watermelon or sangria parties.

In order to enhance all these events, Nicola Flotta decided to completely modernize his light and sound system in summer 2003. He commissioned Dee Jay Service of Stefano Carelli and Remo Florio, who are highly specialized in installing professional products in show and entertainment venues in Calabria, Basilicata and neighbouring areas.

The sound system was designed by Outline, whereas the lighting system included 8 Clay Paky Golden Spot 1200s and some 3 Golden Scans for the main dance floor. Nicole Flotta continues: “As well as focusing on advertising, this year I decided to invest in technology: I saw a few demos of Clay Paky projectors and was stunned by the way they could enhance my nightclub. I commissioned Dee Jay Service, which I have known for years as a reliable and qualified company in lighting design and installation. I must say it had an immediate and highly positive impact on workers and the public”.

Stefano Carelli tells us: “Clay Paky is able to offer world-class show lighting. Such a beautiful and complex structure like Cleopatra certainly deserved cutting-edge technology, and so the powerful moving body effects projectors, Golden Spot 1200s, were a fundamental choice”.

As soon as you reach the entrance, the nightclub grips you with its perfect blend of technology and antiquity: ten years on from its opening, Cleopatra has kept its lively atmosphere and always seems partly unexplored, with the promise of memorable hot summer evenings.

Cleopatra Nightclub C/da Vecchiarello 87060 Marina di Pietrapaola (Cosenza)
Tel: +39 983 90330 Fax: +39 983 90227