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Clay Paky at Cocoon Club
Teamtech Media Technology, Lightpower
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This summer the pope of techno Sven Väth makes a new star shine on the German club scene. With his “CocoonClub” the DJ sets a new milestone and Frankfurt gets an international meeting point for the music avant-garde. The opening was on 16th july. 6 years after the closing down of the legendary “Omen” Sven Väth started up a new party temple in his home town. They are mainly playing house and techno, but also electronic music.The impressing interior design, the high-end sound system as well as the video and lighting art let the CocoonClub look like a place of worship.

The CocoonClub is located in Frankfurt´s district Ostend on the ground floor of the U.F.O, a modern loft building. With a total area of 2.664 m² the agency 3deluxe created four zones different in atmosphere and function. The main floor with moving lights is the heart of the club. It is surrounded with a stroll area from all sides and has an integrated lounge – the so called “InBetween” connects the club with two restaurants. The varied menu, assembled by the gourmet cook Mario Lohringer, contains meals from all over the world.

One of the most impressing elements of the Club´s interior design is a 100 m long white membrane wall enclosing the main floor. Here some comfortable Cocoons – soft padded out seats – are also integrated to enjoy temporary relaxation. The structure of the membrane similar to a sponge is liven up with the help of computer-animated projections. In total 23 beamers are used in the club. For the design of the “genetic architecture” of the CocoonClub 3deluxe drew inspiration from biological models. These are reflected in both the three-dimensional structuring and the variety of forms in the interior.

Teamtech Media Technology, Frankfurt, as well as Lightpower are responsible for the complete lighting equipment of the trendy club. A lot of fixtures were installed, including also 45 Clay Paky Mini Scan HP3. Special emphasize will be given to the effects produced with gobos. Together with Rosco special glas gobos were created, that will be part of an own new Cocoon gobo line.

With this exceptional combination between Sven Väth´s musical philosophy and the designer language of 3deLuxe as well as Mario Lohringer´s creative art of cooking a new kind of club culture was created, that will set new standards in the international nightlife.