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Colouring vast surfaces in a perfectly uniform way even from very close distances, obtaining a record-breaking beam width, or dimming with the greatest precision and linearity, even when working with a combination of lights: now Lighting Designers can use a highly innovative instrument capable of shaping colour with such ease and versatility.

COLOR Cyc (cyclorama effect) is an accessory that consists of a structure containing a high quality microlens filter, which evenly diffuses colour to a level that has never been reached before. It can easily be adapted to the Stage Color 1200, 1000 and 575 washlights by just removing the front cap of the projector and replacing it with the COLOR Cyc one.

This accessory is ideal for professional applications in television studios and theatres, where colour must always be uniform when creating stage sets or colouring backdrops and large surfaces. It can also be used in architectural settings besides many other applicative fields.

COLOR Cyc can expand the beam of a Stage Color model up to an exceptional aperture of 80° while guaranteeing total uniformity of colour, which means that you can colour entire projection walls even from a distance of just a few metres.

The accessory considerably enriches the already remarkable performance of Stage Color by making it a universal use washlight, while offering a significant saving in investments and storage costs.

Code: C61117