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Operators in the world of professional and architectural lighting are ever more in need of colour in illuminating and enhancing their work, stage and set designs, or architectural and furnishing elements.
CP COLOR is the series of new Clay Paky colour changers, designed as innovative and versatile tools for Lighting Designers in a wide range of settings.

The CP COLOR models adopt a CMY system to create any colour tone, by superimposing filters in very pure dichroic glass and have a uniform mechanical dimmer from 0 to 100%, to gradually dim the light beam. Both functions can be set automatically (Stand Alone operation) by choosing from a wide range of predetermined values, or controlled using the control unit (DMX 512 signal).

The “automatic” functions are used for inserting fixed colours, selecting the sequence type and setting the speed. For instance, the colour can be created in a linear form with adjustable speed, in the interval from 2 seconds to 10 minutes. Two or more projectors operating in Stand Alone mode can be slowed down differently, by using special selectors: this creates a “wave” of colours along a line of projectors.

The CP COLOR models can be installed on the floor or on the ceiling and work in any position. All the models have a wide range of optional diffuser filters that can all be combined.
These can diffuse the light beam in an angle from 10° to 80°, creating a mix of shades which can be suited to any specific requirement. The special ovalizer filter adds another distinctive element to the projection.

Now let’s look into the characteristics of each model and their various uses. CP COLOR 150, CP COLOR 250 and CP COLOR 400 – thanks to their noiselessness – are ideal for theatrical settings, television studios, stage lighting, backdrops or as footlights, truss lights and where colour plays an important role in the scenery.
The projectors differ in discharge lamp power:

a 150 W CDM-SA/T lamp with an average life of 9,000 hours for model 150,
a 250 W HSD lamp with an average life of 2,000 hours for model 250 and
a 400 W HSR lamp with an average life of 650 hours for model 400.

All the models have optional revolving barndoors and a diffuser filter holder.

The versatile design makes these projectors also highly suitable for use in “everyday” environments, such as in shops and shopping centres, or in exhibitions, general lighting in discos and other entertainment settings.

CP COLOR-E is specially designed for outdoor use, as it has a special structure that guarantees total protection against dust and jets of water (IP65).

It is also ideal for lighting external architectural elements, such as monuments, columns, fountains, details of facades and any historical/artistic elements to be enhanced, as well as other urban settings.

The CP COLOR models are therefore an innovative proposal in the panorama of professional lighting: they stand out not only for their high performance, low operating costs and timing, but also for their light, compact, robust and stylish structure as well as their noiselessness and versatility: a complete range for all settings and weather conditions.

In certain instances space requirements or venues with low ceilings mean that the projectors must occupy less space. Therefore Clay Paky can make, upon request, special versions of the CP Colors 150, 250 and 400 where the effects section is separate from the base of the projector, which contains the electronics and the power supply. The two sections are connected by a single cable. This allows very flexible installation of the base, hiding it, for example, under platforms or behind false ceilings.