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Clay Paky light the Deftones during the LG Action Sports World Championships
Lighting Designer
David “Gurn” Kaniski, Anthony “Getty” Kordyjaka
Gemini Stage Lighting & Equipment Company
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After LG Action Sports World Championships lit up the Dallas Reunion Arena by day, Clay Paky’s new Alpha Spot HPE 1200s illuminated the space by night when the Deftones kicked off a series of evening concerts.

LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, the fastest growing manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide, sponsored the Championships. The culmination of the 2006 LG Action Sports World Tour, the event brought together more than 200 of the world’s biggest names in skateboarding, BMX riding, and aggressive inline skating who competed for action sports’ biggest purse and most coveted title.Ticket holders were also treated to nightly concerts by five top-name bands who performed live on the main stage.

“The Championships occupied a full arena floor: On one side was a large half pipe, in the middle was the street course, and at the other end was a concert stage,” explains lighting designer David “Gurn” Kaniski who designed for the entire arena floor and concerts.“ 12 Alpha Spot HPE 1200s were the high-profile lights on the concert rig.We positioned them on angled trusses on the stage for the Deftones performance.” Kaniski also employed the lights for subsequent concerts by Unwritten Law, the Burden Brothers, Evans Blue, and Shine Down.

The new Alpha Spot HPE 1200 is the highlight of Clay Paky’s Alpha product range.The combination of a top-performance optical unit and a 1200W discharge lamp guarantee extraordinary luminosity.Featuring a large, newly-designed effects section, CMY color mixing, and 10-40 degrees electronic linear zoom, the Alpha Spot HPE 1200 is the most silent of the range and a favorite of lighting designers seeking maximum results in professional lighting.

“Lighting design on the concert stage was challenging because it butted right up against the street course,” Kaniski notes. “We used the Clay Paky spots to texture the downstage side of the course.Kaniski’s rig also included Atomic Strobes, Robe washes and PAR cans.

Kaniski had to program the lighting for the concert stage in between competition runs while being sensitive to the fact that athletes were also practicing at those times.“We needed to be really careful with flashing and moving lights because of that,” he points out.Kaniski also had to work around the scoreboard used for the competition.

Kaniski was introduced to the Alpha Spot HPE 1200 at LDI.“I was impressed with the even field and the consistency between lamps,” he recalls.“I’ve had problems with other lights, getting 12 that look great together.I was also very impressed with the color saturation and red range and liked the gobos andeffects.I agreed to put a dozen on the show.”

For the Deftones concert Kaniski teamed with Anthony “Getty” Kordyjaka, the band’s lighting director through Bandit Lights.While Kordyjaka had used Clay Paky instruments in the past he hadn’t had a chance to try the new Alpha Spot HPE 1200s before.“They performed fabulously with no problems,” he reports.“The color saturation was great, and the stock gobos were nice.”

Compared to other lights, Kaniski found that the Alpha Spot HPE 1200’s zoom “did not drop off in intensity as we got a wider zoom.I was able to use two lights to cover the whole screen in the background.”He also liked the light’s water and fire effects and praised the light’s dependability.“They were on for three days with no problem at all,” Kaniski says.“They never went down, and the consistency stayed great.Hanging at an angle was a test for the motors and gears, and they performed just fine.”

The production company supplying the lighting and sound was Gemini Stage Lighting & Equipment Company.

CBS Sports televised the competition in the U.S., with additional coverage provided by Outdoor Life Network (OLN). Overall, the LG Action Sports World Championships have been broadcasted in 180 countries.