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Forty years of success, and a NEW LOGO to welcome the future
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15 OCTOBER 2016 is the date we have set for the official launch of the new brand image! Consequently, the first public event Claypaky will attend with its new logo will be LDI in Las Vegas from 21 to 23 October.

The need for modernity sometimes requires a break with tradition. This does not mean betraying the ideals with which the company was founded and has grown in the past forty years. However, the way we see it, it does mean being in step with the times including purely from the point of view of brand image, with our eyes firmly fixed on technological progress, innovation and the future.

As you can see, we have kept the Claypaky Pantone yellow found on the previous logo, whereas the general graphic design is completely different, including writing CLAYPAKY as one word instead of two separate ones.

The choice to modernize the logo, its graphic design, and the timing of its launch is the result of needs that have arisen in Claypaky. It has been widely discussed and carefully thought out, and has led not only to the new brand image, but also a fully coordinated corporate identity project, put together with contributions from external communication specialists and experts from the Osram group.

We are pleased to officially present the new logo through the attached video, where you can “visually” appreciate the thinking and creative process that led to its conception: