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Clay Paky illuminates “From North to South… what else can I say!”
Lighting Designer
Fausto Carboni
Di and DI
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Da Nord a Sud… e ho detto tutto (From North to South… what else can I say!) is the television variety program hosted by Vincenzo Salemme and Anna Falchi, broadcast in prime time on Raiuno Italian TV on four Monday evenings, from September 21st 2009 to October 5th 2009. It was held at the Teatro della Vittoria in Rome, a program which skilfully played on the comparison/contrast between North and South of this beautiful country, presenting the differences in an ironic and playful manner using idioms, habits, customs, stereotypes and vices.

This one-man show was the return of variety in top hat and tails, with an impressive set design by Marco Calzavara, and a complex lighting design. Fausto Carboni, photography director, tells us how the atmosphere was achieved: “we built a magnificent backdrop in transparent and backlit PVC that surrounded the studio at 360°, completely covered with LED points all along the perimeter. This wall was divided into three levels, connected by circular balconies where a section of the audience sat. We did this to try and retrace the original environment of the Theatre, but adapting it to a typical television context”.

The lighting systems were supplied by DI and DI, comprising Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1200, Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300, Clay Paky Alpha Spot 575 and Clay Paky CP Color 400 MH. The Profiles were used primarily for special effects during the most dynamic moments of the show, during breaks, and especially to “shape” the elements on the stage with light. “We fully exploited the main feature of these products, i.e. the ability to precisely shape characters and studio elements, thanks to the wide range of possibilities of the framing system. I really appreciated the variety of graphic effects that come with this product, that provided the basis for the special effects of the entire show along. The Alpha Spot HPE 300 are exceptional as well: compact projectors which use just 300W and can easily compete with projectors belonging to categories that are significantly higher”.

The backdrop was the most visible element of the scenery, the result of intense synergic work between the set designer and director of photography. The work was carried out based on two directives: on one hand they needed to define the spaces and the scaffolding of the backdrop inside the theatre, and on the other they needed to create a lighting design that would harmonise this wall with backlighting.

70 CP Color 400 MH lights were used to achieve this, the Clay Paky moving head color changers, fitted along the entire perimeter of the backdrop and connected in sync. “They created extremely large and spectacular background colors that acted as a cyclorama, embracing the entire stage. According to the various moments of the program, the scene took on different colors and characteristics”– Fausto Carboni continues: ” I liked to alternate the use of LEDs with the backlighting of the color changers, the final effects were all so different… and turning the LEDs off allowed you to cancel the scene! “

Another important aspect was the large video wall composed by screens placed side by side with vertical scrolling options to allow the guests on and off the stage. “We mixed many light sources of different natures: special effects, walls with leds, colored backlighting, white lights, videowall….. The console operators Enrico Cairoli and Gianluca Brunacci worked alongside me on this project, providing me with their valuable experience”.

The show was directed by Giovanni Caccamo.

Some important elements of the scaffolding at the “Da Nord a Sud… e ho detto tutto!” were used for Gianni Morandi’s program “Grazie a tutti” (Thanks to everyone), the one-man show to be held at the Teatro delle Vittorie in four episodes from November 8th.