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Clay Paky illustrates energy production at Geo-E-Site
Lighting Designer
arch. Keiko Yonezawa
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Geo-E-Site, an important hydroelectric power station is sited in the Gunma Prefecture, a hundred km north-west of Tokyo and covers most of the energy needs of the surrounding area.

A subterranean open-space environment about 300 metres below the level of the power station has been created as part of a plan for revaluing area. The purpose is to illustrate all the steps that lead to the production of hydroelectric power, a precious and inexhaustible source of our Earth, by means of a guided itinerary.

Geo-E-Site hosts Japanese and foreign tourists with great frequency, above all many school trips. Six Clay Paky CP Color 150-E projectors were used to make the visit more pleasant and at the same time, to highlight some of the fundamental parts of the power station through the astute use of light.

“The use of projectors with IP65 protection became indispensable since the place, by its nature, is very damp and dusty” said architect Keiko Yonezawa, President of Strise, that implemented the project. “The Clay Paky CP Color units confirmed their complete reliability, which we had already experienced in numerous other applications throughout Japan”.

Inside the salon, which covers 20,000 m2, can be found a room with the history of the power station and explanations of the operating principles and of power production. Two Clay Paky V.I.P. 300 units have been installed in this area which reproduce the effect of water through the use of rotating glass gobos.