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Hanoi Rocks with Clay Paky Alpha Beam
Lighting Designer
Mikki Kunttu
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Clay Paky’s Alpha Beam 300 took center stage at the Hanoi Rocks farewell shows in Helsinki on 7-12 April. Eight shows in six days at Tavastia Club were all sold out to see the final performances of “The rock band that changed the course of rock”.

Hanoi Rocks has influenced the sound and even look of bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses and Mötley Crüe since their formation in 1979. The Finnish glam rock band grew its cult following worldwide until a temporary split in 1985. Reformed in 2002, the band recently decided to split for good and hold a series of farewell shows back home in Helsinki. And so they did…in style!

Lighting Designer Mikki Kunttu explained, “My aim for the show was to deliver as ‘Hanoi’ a look as possible. Being a fan of the band since the beginning of 1980’s, it was pretty cool to get to work with them.”

26 Alpha Beam 300 fixtures formed the foundation of the rig, together with a wall of Chromlech Jarag-5 fixtures to complete the simplistic, 80s-inspiried set. Kunttu also acted as Operator for the show using a GrandMA Fullsize. “The Alpha Beams were really the backbone of this rig, to me they are really the parcan of today! 100% rock’n’roll, no mistake about it,” said Kunttu. The Alpha Beams and all other lighting equipment were supplied by Mikki Kunttu Oy and Moving Light Oy.

A sea of beams shot down on the band, giving them the “straight forward rock’n’roll show with a twist,” they wanted for their final performance. “That ‘twist’ was delivered by the Alpha Beams,” Kunttu added, “The last show was just perfect and very emotional in many ways and it will surely stay in our memories for the rest of our lives.”

Emilio Cornelli, Clay Paky Sales Manager for Finland said, “I know, it’s only rock’n’roll (but I like it). It was great to be part of Hanoi Rocks’ farewell gigs and to supply our Alpha Beam 300 to a lighting designer as important as Mikki Kunttu. I’d also like to thank Petteri Partinen and Valo Virtanen of Sounddata, Clay Paky distributors in Finland for their great cooperation in this deal”.