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HELi - Showequipment GmbH
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HELi – Showequipment GmbH, based in Mainz-Layenhof, recently purchased 32 Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500s for their stock. The dry hire company has gone back to the Italian manufacturer’s moving heads after a long time.

HELi’s CEO explains the reasons for the choice: “We compared and tested various 1500 class lights over a long period. The Alpha Profile 1500s won by virtue of the fact that, in our opinion, they are by far the best lights in their class. The precise colour mixing system, the extremely fast zoom and the bright light were the decisive reasons for our choice. In my opinion, these lights are suitable for several applications. They are excellent effect spotlights and absolutely precise shapers. Their first-rate choice of gobos and their high reliability made them the only choice.”

The Alpha Profile 1500 takes after the renowned Alpha Profile 1200 as regards the tried, tested and patented framing system, but it has some additional new interesting effects.

“Furthermore, this moving head wins for its enormous brightness, saturated colours, uniform colour distribution and faithful colour reproduction over the entire dimming range, regardless of whether the light beam is concentrated or not,” he continued. “The 9:1 optical precision with wide beam angle from 6.5° to 56°, the quick zoom (0.5 seconds to go from 6.5° to 56°) and an autofocus function that keeps the image sharpness constant during the zoom complete the range of features perfectly.”