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HELI Showequipment adds Clay Paky B-EYEs to its stock
HELI Showequipment
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and entertainment companies with its vast stock of lights, which has recently been enlarged with 48 Clay Paky B-EYE K20s. Thanks to this purchase, the Bodenheim-Mainz-based company has further extended its range of Clay Paky lights.

The General Manager, Uwe Heinrich, had this to say: “What struck me particularly was the honeycomb lens structure, which gives an almost completely uniform light output! I was especially thrilled by the wide zoom, but the beam shaper is also stunning! The rotary effects are the icing on the cake! Another innovative feature is the high performance of the LEDs. The B-EYE is really versatile and I am 100% sure we can meet the many requests we get with this light. The B-EYE is extraordinarily bright. It ensures a pure white light for trade fairs, but also has everything you need for TV. It is also lightweight enough for theatres and an effective instrument for electro and techno events.”

Clay Paky’s B-EYE A.ledas have completely redefined the concept of versatility. This LED light may be used both as a washlight and a beam light. If it is used as a washlight, it wins you over with its bright colours, impressive 4° to 60° zoom and extraordinarily uniform illumination. It also features a CTO channel for individual colour temperature adjustment. You can adjust the shape of the beam to light only the stage area using the rotatable and indexable digital beam shaper (e.g. an ovalizer filter).

The B-EYE beam has various settings for producing, for instance, mid-air effects. Besides its well defined beam, with 4° beam angle, virtual gobos may be used to alter the light actively. Another of the B-EYE’s special features is that the individual well defined beams may also be configured with a special optical unit in front of each LED chip. Each LED may be controlled individually and therefore used for unique effects according to the beam.

Thanks to the B-EYE K10 and K20’s rotating indexable front lenses, it is also possible to achieve amazing kaleidoscopic and whirling effects.