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Hermes Music and Clay Paky live!

To launch the new partnership in the best possible way, Clay Paky and Hermes Music organized a great event in April at the Teatro Aldama in Mexico City, where over 200 trade workers took part, including numerous dealers, lighting designers and rental companies.

The event was above all a great celebration and an opportunity to get together, but there were also plenty of in-depth technical demos regarding lights and new applications.

Clay Paky Sales and Marketing Manager Pio Nahum presented the company to the guests, who were all admirers of the Clay Paky brand, emphasizing that “Clay Paky is a sturdy company, which has managed to get over the crisis that affected the world economy unharmed. We are counting on the strength of Hermes Music to grow further on the Mexican market.”

Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky Sales Manager for North and Latin America, emphasized that “there was an immediate perfect mutual understanding between Clay Paky and Hermes Music both on a personal and business level. Hermes Music is very well respected and will make Clay Paky highly visible on the Mexican market, and in all Latin American countries in general, where shows are an important part of the strong musical-cultural background. Our agreement will turn into a big sales opportunity for both companies.”

Giovanni Zucchinali, sales support engineer, gave an in-depth demonstration of the Alpha 1500 and Alpha 700 lines – Clay Paky’s newest – which are currently considered some the most satisfactory products in the top and mid-range professional show lighting sectors.

The event ended with a live performance by the local band Elefantes, who tried out the features of Clay Paky Alphas live.

“We would like to thank the Hermes Music staff, who organized this event so perfectly” – said Francesco Romagnoli. “A special thank-you goes to CEO Alberto Kreimerman, vice-president Greg Morrison and General Manager Juan Cordoba Perches, who believed in the potential of our partnership right from the start. I would also like to thank Bruno Santaguida from Luzmila and Carlos Gil from Dinamica Cosmo Color, two of the most important rental companies in Mexico, which have always chosen and offered Clay Paky products, and which helped set up this event by providing most of the lights.”  Luzmila, for instance, has recently purchased 30 Alpha Beam 1500s for a series of live events.

The joint action of the two companies in Mexico will be further reinforced by the precious cooperation of Jorge Aguirre. He has been a trusted Clay Paky commercial partner for several years and was appointed Clay Paky Regional Representative for continental Central America as part of the agreement.