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Lighting Designer
Enrico Berardi
Audio Rent Clair-Brothers AG
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The “Jewellery & Watch Fair”, an important exhibition of jewellery and watches which took place in Basle in March 2001, was attended by those working in this field who came from all over the world. The company, Audio Rent Clair-Brothers AG , with its head office in Aesch (Switzerland) , designed and installed an imposing lighting-audio and video plant for the fair and side shows which took place during the four days of the event.

During the press conference on the first day, the lighting designer, Massimo Ravanelli, used 12 Stage Zoom 1200s and 4 Stage Color 575s, in addition to conventional lights, to illuminate the stage. Thanks to the evocative graphic games, the walls took form and colour, with the show’s logo “BASEL 2001” perched at the top.

For the fair’s official opening ceremony in the evening, which hosted the “Award Celebrations”, the lighting designer Hilton Jones used 19 Stage Color 575s and 18 Stage Zooms, to create a carefully designed spectacle with extraordinary visual impact.

12 Stage Color 575s were used by the lighting designer Enrico Berardi for the fashion show, organised by Italian fashion houses present at the fair. The Clay Paky washlights created multi-coloured backdrops for the models, who filed down the catwalk in the midst of angelic creatures and surreal personages. The fashion show and its effects were highlighted by a maxi-screen video projection of the stage.

On the last evening, the lighting designer Massimo Ravanelli used 12 Stage Color 575s and 4 Stage Zoom 1200s for the Indian fashion show. The Stage Color 575s were mainly used for the backlighting, while the Stage Zoom 1200s enlightened the stage once again with their unmistakeable effects – a real hallmark of quality which did justice to such an important and…precious event!