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Lighting Designer
Giovanni Pinna

The Design Faculty of the Milan Polytechnic School organized the third edition of the Permanent Training Course “Show Lighting Design” (13-23 January 2009). It is aimed at professionals and technicians with and without a bachelor’s degree who wish to specialise in show lighting design: in theatre, live music and fashion shows.

The course was composed of three sections:
– 1st section: basics of Show Lighting technique.
– 2nd section: Lighting Design for Live Music Shows.
– 3rd section: Lighting Design for the Theatre.

Ever attentive in training talented youths who will contribute to the professional growth of the field, Clay Paky supports and hosts part of this course in its head office in Seriate (BG), Italy.

During discussion of the theme of show lighting, students attended a practical lesson held at the Clay Paky show room by Giovanni Pinna, one of Italy’s most esteemed LDs and Directors of Photography. In addition to an impressive list of professional experiences ranging from TV to live shows, he has been Vasco Rossi’s official LD for more than 18 years. Split into two groups, the students were able to put their newly acquired knowledge to use in the realisation of a light show.

Renato Ferrari, manager of the Clay Paky Italian market, commented: “We have sustained this project because we wholeheartedly believe in offering professional training to the new generations. A Lighting Designer today is a very important figure in any live, theatrical or television production. We firmly believe that our contribution can bring about a real expansion in quality in the field.”