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Lightsmiths hits the highlights with Clay Paky A.LEDA
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Buckinghamshire based Lightsmiths, owned by Bruce Rutter, has made a significant investment in Clay Paky’s first professional LED lighting fixtures.

The Clay Paky A.LEDA Wash range offers three models, all incorporating high output RGBW LED engines with a massive zoom range (14°-70°) and unprecedented output. In addition to these features, the Italian manufacturer has also incorporated the capacity for individual pixel mapping. Lightsmiths has invested in a notable number of all three models.

These feisty fixtures are a viable alternative to traditional discharge washlights, and offer a full range of vivid colours that are impressive even in the brightest daylight. As was demonstrated when Lightsmiths used the fixtures at the recent Berkofest event – Berkhamsted’s annual music and comedy festival.

‘We’ve been known locally up until now for supplying festivals, projects and corporate events in and around the Bucks area, but as we expand our business, and begin to supply more event and rental companies nationwide, we felt the time was right to upgrade the kit we have available’, comments Bruce.

‘We considered several brands of LED fixtures, but we opted for the Clay Paky A.LEDA having seen them at the PLASA Show.  Up until that point we had considered Clay Paky as an aspirational high-end brand but the team at Ambersphere have demonstrated just how affordable these fixtures are, and how they are a perfect investment as we expand our business’ he continues.  ‘The A.LEDA has an astonishing zoom, and it’s super-bright. Combine that with low energy consumption and a compact light-weight body, and it’s ideal for the robust demands of the rental market. Having Ambersphere Solutions based here in the UK gives us great confidence that the technical and product support would be readily available to us 24-7 from a local base. All things considered, the A.LEDA is unparalled value for money’.

Rutter has also taken the opportunity to invest in an MA onPC command wing from Ambersphere. ‘The grand MA2 has always been a dream product for us…but the introduction of the MA onPC command wing has opened up the possibilities of lighting design the MA way, with a smaller and affordable unit, packed to the hilt with MA technical wizardy. Ambersphere offer intensive product training as part of their support package and customer care service to ensure we have a complete understanding of the product and what it can do’.

As their expansion plans role out, it is clear Bruce has premium product investment in mind for Lightsmiths.  In conclusion he says, ‘Ambersphere has given us the assurance to buy these quality products and I am confident that we are well placed for growth with these products on our shelves.  With Clay Paky and MA Lighting, Ambersphere Solutions definitely has two of the best lighting brands in their portfolio, and we certainly intend to continue working with them as our remit expands’.