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Clay Paky at Lugano Estival Jazz
Lighting Designer
Carlo Genel, Michele Alvarez
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Since 1979, the Swiss city has hosted the best jazz musicians on the international scene at the the Lugano Jazz festival. A typical“al fresco” date in the summer (hence the name “Estival” from ‘estivo’, Italian for summer), totally free of charge and broadcast on TV by RTSI-Swiss Radio and Television, the festival has welcomed musicians of the calibre of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Keith Jarrett, Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, BB King, Chick Corea, Paco de Lucia, Van Morrison and Taj Mahal.

This year, the event also included the world of rock, and one of the “big names” of the evening was Gianna Nannini. The three days in Lugano are estimated to have attracted some 80,000 people, coming from Switzerland, neighbouring Italy and also from the rest of the world. After all, it’s a well known fact that music has no frontiers!

For the lighting, Emme of Bioggio, a young and dynamic company that offers services and technology for events and shows, used about 100 Clay Paky moving body projectors with various wattages (300W, 575W and 1200W). A fundamental role was played by the Alpha Spot HPE, the Clay Paky projectors for graphic effects that can claim the most complete graphic section on the market (6 effects wheels). CP Color 400 colour changers were also used to create the colour diffused on the stage and the audience.

The Clay Paky moving bodies were installed on 5 triangular trusses, with thesame number of white veils inside. They had the function of creating elements to lighten the set design and at the same time reflect the dominant colour of the stage.

The Director of Photography Carlo Genel of the Rtsi and Lighting Designer Michele Alvarez of Emme jointly designed the lighting, uniting their respective experience in television and live entertainment. “We had to concentrate all the lighting and sound material in a limited space, to take away as little space as possible from the people because we knew there would be a huge public,” said Michele Alvarez. “The veils which became coloured were also useful to open up the stage and harmonize the technology with the setting.”

This year’s event was also extended to Mendrisio, which organized events equal to those of its more famous neighbour. Emme also installed the sound and lighting material for the VIP gallery in the Casino of Lugano.