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Organized by Uniontessile and Unionorafi of APINDUSTRIA, Vicenza, on 6th September 2002 at VILLA CORDELLINA LOMBARDI in Montecchio Maggiore (VI), “Moda in Villa” gave an important preview of this winter’s fashions, with a special look at the jewellery later presented at Orogemma 2002.

This year’s fashion show, presented by Jo Squillo, had a further publicity outlet: in addition to a special satellite program on the TV MODA channel broadcast by TELE + and STREAM TV throughout almost the whole of Europe, the evening could also be watched live on the web (via a link on
In the setting of Villa Cordellina, one of the most prestigious Vicentine villas with frescoes by Tiepolo, this event had a special choice of multimedia and gained international success, previewing creations by some of the most famous designers: Cristiano di Thiene, Pelliccerie Dainesi, Marly’s, Pal Zilieri (for clothing) and Aurifex, Dial, Nuovi Gioielli, Orivari (for the “jewellery” section).

As planned by the organizers, the lighting system played a fundamental role that evening: as well as illuminating the catwalk of slender models, it created a highly imaginative backdrop, colouring and delineating the villa’s fa├žade and projecting the logos of designers present. The lighting system consisted almost entirely of Clay Paky material, which was skilfully coordinated by ALTAIR, Clay Paky’s distributor for Triveneto, in collaboration with ROSSI LUIGI service, Jesolo. The system included Stage Zoom 1200, which illuminated the facade and provided lateral beams on the flight of steps; Stage Light 300, positioned at the foot of the 4 columns, coloured them and provided backlighting; Mini Scan HPE illuminated the stage and catwalk; Astroscan completed the special effects with slow moving evocative multiple beams and CP Color coloured the facade. Not to mention Clay Paky’s followspot QS-LT, the smoke machine Golden Fog 2000 DMX, for a mist effect between each catwalk, and the V.I.P. 300 DIA Display Line, which projected logos of the various guests onto the villa’s facade.