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More than 100 Clay Paky Fixtures make annual Moscow party ‘unforgettable’
Lighting Designer
Roman Stolyarov
Arlecchino Group
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Russia – On June 23rd world renowned DJs descended on Moscow for the annual student Prom Night, dramatically lit by more than 100 Clay Paky luminaires.

International lighting designer Roman Stolyarov of Moscow-based Arlecchino Group specified 24 Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500s, 50 Clay Paky Shotlight Washes and 32 Clay Paky Sharpys and delivered an ‘unforgettable experience’ for thousands of party going graduates. Lighting was also supplied and installed by the Arlecchino Group.

Stolyarov used the Shotlight and the Alpha Profiles to create the general atmosphere for the event and The Sharpys to deliver the lighting and set effects in sync with the music.

“I really like the different gobos, the colours and the optics of the Alpha Profile series,” says Stolyarov. “The Clay Paky Shotlight affords my design a wide range of possibilities including some clever beam manipulation. The fixture features an excellent combination of colours and a high performance quality. And of course I also love the strobe light, which allows me to set an additional emphasis on the change of music. For me the Sharpy is a particularly excellent design tool because of its brightness and the very fast movement as well as the super-fast colour change feature, which allows me to create some fantastically dynamic environments.”

Bringing a ‘once in a lifetime experience was ’world famous German DJ Sash! – who has sold in excess of 18 million albums – played for the crowd of up-for-it graduates, supported by DJs including DJ Filatov and DJ Andy Brightling.

The Arlecchino Group has more than 20 years of experience of event management, and has worked on high profile parties such as the Eurovision Song Contest, The Miss Russia Television Awards and Moscow Fashion Week. With 150 employees and clients ranging from McDonald’s to Daimler, the Group prides itself on ‘unusual and dramatic light designs’.