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Moto Rumi clocks up some brilliant track test performances

Italy – After the spectacular presentation of the new Rumi Moto3 in July at the Clay Paky showroom, the track tests are giving the desired results. The engine achieved the performance goals the team had set itself for this season on the Franciacorta Racetrack, both in terms of power (well over 50 shaft horsepower) and reliability. Obviously the work is not over yet. The final stage of turning a good engine into a competitive winning engine starts now.

Avalon Biddle,
the twenty year old New Zealand rider who has achieved great results in various national championships with motorcycles derived from 600 cc series bikes and 125 cc prototypes, test rode the Rumi Moto3.

David Castagnetti,
the electronics manager, confirmed that the data downloaded from the control box after the tests proved the reliability of the engine: there are the normal variations caused by differences in engine use according to the stretch of track, but there are no unexpected values, even over longer distances.

Stefano Rumi,
the team manager, was satisfied: “Of course the lap times will have to come down, but the goal in these first tests was to check the track reliability of the engine and this was achieved. The engine exists. Now we can concentrate on all the adjustments and alterations needed to make the bike more rideable, and allow the rider to take full advantage of the engine’s power.”

Clay Paky, the main sponsor supporting the project, was also highly satisfied: “We wanted to be involved in this project from the word go, and take part in all the bike design stages right up until it is put on the track,” said Pio Nahum, Clay Paky CCO. “We are happy that Moto Rumi has achieved its goals, and we are confident it will shortly be able to compete on the track with the best bikes in the category.”