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One of the most important qualities of a professional projector is operating silence. With Stage Profile Plus SV, Stage Profile 1200 SV, Stage Color 1200 SV and Stage Zoom 1200 SV, Clay Paky has gone one step further by introducing three projectors that reduce noise by over 50% compared to the normal level. This is thanks to an innovative cooling system specifically designed and manufactured by Clay Paky’s Research and Development department, which pitches all its work on perfecting innovative and exclusive features.

Golden Spot 1200 effects projector and Golden Color 1200 washlight both use a HMI 1200W/S lamp and offer cutting-edge performance whilst meeting any budget. This is why the “Golden” models excel in many environments including touring, TV, theatre and discotheques as well as applications that benefit from their extraordinary efficiency and range of the moving body, while saving on investment and maintenance.