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Alpha Spot HPE 700 is the moving head spotlight of a new generation, where the latest progress in optics converge with the sophistication of micro-engineering and with ground-breaking developments in electronics. A newly developed 700W lamp is built into an incredibly compact and lightweight body, providing peerless brightness. Fast and precise movements and a full package of effects and colors respond to the most stringent requirements of professional stage lighting.
Alpha Spot HPE 700, with its efficient light output, its silent operation and reduced power consumption is a perfect example of high performance yet environmentally conscious product.

A special luminaire, featuring the latest technology for generating a long-range, solid, ACL-style beam. It provides Lighting Designers with a totally new creative solution: a moving light at all effects, with a parallel beam that emerges from any backdrop, very visible even in the most crowded lighting scene. Its super-concentrated light beam can move with ease onto the stage, can be aimed at the public as the most exciting blinder or become a dynamic color-changing sky-tracker. Alpha Beam 700, with its remarkable “eco-friendly” approach, is the new benchmark in stage lighting.

Alpha Wash 700 is the moving head washlight of a new generation, with a newly designed 700W lamp built into an incredibly compact and lightweight body. Its powerful color generation system, complying with the most stringent stage lighting requirements, is combined with a high ratio zoom providing extreme brightness and perfectly even light distribution. Thanks to the small body Alpha Wash 700 features very fast movements and accurate positioning. Alpha Wash 700, with its efficient light output, its silent operation and reduced power consumption is a perfect example of “eco-friendly” product.

Alpha Beam 1500 generates the most powerful and impressive ACL-style moving beam. Equipped with a 1500W lamp and a special Clay Paky optical group enhancing the nominal light output, Alpha Beam 1500 creates a super-concentrated, super-bright, parallel light beam that is a spectacular solution for large scale shows and events. It can be used in arenas or stadia as a “very long throw” motorised lighting effect, featuring unlimited colors (CMY plus color wheel) and a variety of beam-shaping devices for mid-air effects and graphic projection. Alpha Beam 1500 is as effective and bright as fixtures requiring thousands if watts; therefore it is noticeable for its eco-friendly approach and for allowing significant energy savings.

Alpha Wash 1500 LT is the first washlight specifically designed for Long Throw applications. Thanks to its new 1500 Watt lamp, whose output is optimised and enhanced by a special optical group, Alpha Wash 1500 LT generates an impressive light beam, providing 45.000 lx. It is equipped with a comprehensive color “engine”, including a CMY system, a wheel with selected colors and a CTO filter for color temperature adjustment. Beam diffusion and opening angle can be adjusted at will using a linear zoom and 2 rotating beam shapers. Finally a very accurate dimmer and a shutter/strobe allow full intensity control. Alpha Wash 1500 LT is a unique product, perfect and irreplaceable for large scale events.