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New Clay Paky’s Sharpy Wash 330 awarded at LDI 2012

Clay Paky has once again surprised experts with a masterful demonstration of how you can achieve significant energy savings through optical design optimization. This time it did so with the Sharpy Wash, winner of the LDI 2012 Debuting Product Awards. This brand new super-compact light uses a mere 330 watt discharge lamp to produce as much light as is normally seen with a washlight of over 1000 watts!

“This is not the first time Clay Paky has proved its mastery in the field of optics and light source management” – explains the Clay Paky CCO, Mr Pio Nahum. “It already happened with the Alpha 300 and Alpha 700 series that combine small size and low consumption with a greater light output than equivalent power lights achieve. The Sharpy beam light was an even more striking example. With only 200 watts, it has revolutionized the world of stage lighting over the last two years”.

It is now the turn of the Sharpy Wash. It is equipped with a very sophisticated optical unit that gathers all the light emitted by the lamp and focuses it into a powerful perfectly uniform beam, just what is needed from washlights in their most advanced uses. The Sharpy Wash lacks absolutely nothing the best washlights have: a zoom that ranges from 6° to 50°, CMY color mixing, a wheel with special colors, a rotating beam shaper, a frost filter, a motorized top hat and so on.

However, besides these “no compromise” features, the Sharpy Wash will win everyone over thanks to its small size, light weight and consequent speed. It weighs just nineteen kilos and is as small as its brother, the Sharpy “beam”. Pio Nahum says: “These are very important features when you have to set up a stage and for tour logistics. Just think: easy to transport, easy to fit, fewer loads on battens, more space on lorries and in warehouses, less expensive shipping … all without sacrificing anything in performance terms and – in addition – with lower purchase prices than lights with equivalent functions and brightness.”

“The need to reduce energy consumption is widespread. Clay Paky has responded by offering two new types of washlight: the ALEDA series with LED sources and the new Sharpy Wash with a discharge lamp. They are designed for different uses, and each has its own advantages. The “Best Product Award” the Sharpy Wash has already won during the recent LDI show proves that discharge lamp technology is still highly appreciated. I have no doubt that this small light will have large effects on the market.”