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Lighting Designer
Michele Alvarez
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For the second year running, Bergamo hosted “Notti di Luce” (“Nights of Light”): an itinerary of art and lighting technology to rediscover and experience the magnificent architectural and urban routes that are often forgotten: the aim is to enhance the squares, lanes, monuments and old corners of this city by offering light and colour not only for those who have designed and created them, but also for people who live and work there. This aim was achieved through art: music, dance, theatre, as well as the experimentation of cutting-edge lighting technology, which was an evident feature starting from the project’s name.

A show offering such features couldn’t find a better partner than Clay Paky, the Bergamask world leader in display lighting. With an extraordinary array of lights, Clay Paky illuminated the Bergamask evenings which offered first-rate shows: the “Jubilee” performance, the Tangos and the Bolero with Raffaele Paganini, the Tribute to Louis Armstrong by the Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Evensong, and above all the performance by Beppe Grillo, the greatest Italian comedian.

Grillo’s performance in Piazza Dante Alighieri enthused thousands of spectators. The Law Courts formed the stage which was completely illuminated by Stage Color 1200 and Stage Zoom 1200. Stage Color 1000 provided lateral beams, especially for the shows preceding his performance. The Lighting Designer Michele Alvarez wisely distributed the colours and gobos to be projected on the building that formed the backdrop for the show, so as to enhance it with evocative sceneries of light. Michele commented: “The lighting was really important as it characterized these evenings, but I made sure it wasn’t too intrusive. It wasn’t easy installing the array of lights, since we had to deal with the rain which poured incessantly during the days before the shows. But when the moment arrived, everything was ready and the Clay Paky projectors worked perfectly without suffering from the excessive weather conditions.”
The lighting filled the whole square: the buildings next to the Law Courts were illuminated by Stage Color 1200 and Stage Zoom 1200, and the fountain was surrounded by Stage Color 300 and Stage Light 300. The trees seemed to be painted with bright, autumnal….and supernatural colours!”.

“Notti di Luce” represented a radiant combination of different art forms, all united by the desire to express joy and luminosity, while literally taking shape under the eyes of the inhabitants.
The use of these projectors manufactured by Clay Paky, partner and sponsor of the show, proved their remarkable flexibility for different settings: live concerts, dance shows, theatrical performances and architectural lighting.