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NXP counts on Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20s
NXP Veranstaltungbetriebs GmbH
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Austria – The Sankt Pölten-based event organizing company NXP Veranstaltungbetriebs GmbH recently bought thirty-six A.leda B-EYE K20s. On the subject of this new purchase, NXP’s owner, Bernard Voak, said: “Besides Lightpower, we have another reliable partner at our side. We have worked with MA Lighting, DTS, Major and Robert Juliat products for years. This year we have decided to opt for a Clay Paky light. The A.leda B-EYE K20 won us over mostly for its versatility of use and individually controllable LEDs. Its TV-camera-friendliness was also a decisive buying factor.”

These lights were used for the first time by the Austrian DJ and producer Parov Stelar. “You can create countless visual effects and stunning shows with the B-EYE A.leda K20!” Bernard Voak confirmed, glad about their potential applications.

Clay Paky’s B-EYE A.ledas have redefined the concept of versatility. This LED light is available in K10 and K20 versions and can be used both as a wash light and as a beam light. As a wash light, the B-EYE wins you over for its bright colours, impressive zoom range from 4° to 60° and extremely even light diffusion. It also has a CTO channel for separate colour temperature adjustment. Thanks to its adjustable rotating digital beam shaper, you can adjust the shape of the beam to illuminate individual areas of the stage selectively.

The B-EYE beam may be configured in different ways, for example to create mid-air effects. Besides a well-defined beam with 4° beam angle, you can use virtual gobos to change the projected light dynamically. Their peculiarity lies in the fact you can adjust the gobo and background colours separately, so you can even create multicolour projections. One of the B-EYE’s special features is the possibility of creating individual well defined beams for each LED unit. This can be done, thanks to the B-EYE’s new optical unit. Moreover, all the LEDs can be controlled individually, thus turning the beam’s unique features into special effects.
The adjustable rotating front lens on the B-EYE K20 may be used to create kaleidoscopic effects as well as amazing beam and direct-view effects.