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Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 beats the heat at Pacifique
Lighting Designer
Lauri Halonen, Jani Pellikka
Soundata Oy
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Alpha Beam 300 fixtures recently wowed designers and crew alike at Pacifique Lumière, held 07 March 2009 at Serena Waterpark in Espoo, Finland, presented by Red Bull. The creators, artists and crew delivered an unprecedented combination of performance, passion and technical innovation. Pacifique Lumière, an annual event since 2004, gathers a few thousand clubbers for one night in paradise after a long, dark winter in Finland. The sold out event features five different arenas filled with visual and aquatic fantasy, showcasing over 40 of Finland’s finest DJs and artists performing among the crowd.

Serena Water Park is the largest indoor water park in Europe with approximately 18,000 square metres in total space (nearly 200,000 square feet). The conditions are very extreme. The temperature is around 34°-35° Celsius (93°-95°F) without a crowd and can climb as high as 40°C (104°F) with a full audience. The humidity is tropical, around 90%, so all the electrical equipment needs to be running from the second they are taken out from the case to avoid trouble.

The stages featured famous DJs from around the world in a series of indoor water arenas. The main arena featured over 2000 square metres (21,000 square feet) of pools, water slides and Jacuzzis. This is the primary magnet for the majority of scantily clad partygoers. But guests have a selection of alternative grottos to experience. The ”Balearic Beach Bar” is Serena’s large restaurant inside a cave, transformed into a haven for sensual, groovy & funky rhythms. The Club” is another large cave filled with hypnotic & uplifting soundscapes. ”The Spa” is designed to be a peaceful space with an ambient mood spread among four saunas and steam rooms. Then, the ”Black Hole” water slide was designed with a built-in sound system, strobes and pulsating sounds.

38 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 fixtures, plus 8 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300, supplied by Soundata Oy in Helsinki, played the leading role in the lighting scheme used on the event. Lighting design was done by Lauri Halonen and Jani Pellikka of Broadway Finland Ltd., operated by Riku Sourama of Sun Effects Ltd. with a GrandMA full size, backed up with GrandMA Light.

Halonen, who acted as both Executive Producer and Technical Director for the event, said of the Alpha Beam 300, “Its size fits perfectly to our needs, and low power consumption was something we have been after for all the time we’ve done the event in that venue. Alpha Beam worked way better than other fixtures that had a more powerful lamp. The whole area was filled up with 38 Alpha Beam 300s from all directions, supported with 8 Alpha Spot HPE 300s plus some wash lights. The visual, which we gained using Alpha Beams was definitely the best there has ever been. Even the ski slopes 150 metres away from the waterpark were covered with an ‘Alpha Beam light show’ from inside the park through the massive windows, which we didn’t expect to happen!”

Halonen concluded, “The small Alpha series fully covers our needs there and will absolutely be used in future events, without any question.”

Petteri Partinen from Soundata added, “Alpha 300s were picked because of their low power consumption because of the limited amount of power supplies at the venue. Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 and Alpha Spot HPE 300 are indeed worth the hype and are simply the best pick in under 1200W lamp moving light category.”

Emilio Cornelli, Clay Paky Sales Manager for Scandinavia said, “Pacifique looks like an incredible event and we’re proud that the Alphas held up to the temperature and humidity and that they will be used again. Maybe this gives me a good reason to attend next year!”