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Clay Paky lights up the Conference Palace Hotel
Edison Lighting Group
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The Conference Palace Hotel, recently built on the beach of the Gulf of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, shows off the beauty of Arab culture, combining traditional themes and reflecting the national identity of this affluent country.

Majestic, impressive, covering an area of 1 million square metres and surrounded by a marvellous garden with English lawns, the Conference Palace Hotel has a unique and multi-faceted structure, with fa├žades reproducing the different nuances of colour of the sand in the Arabian desert.

The palace is an architectural marvel and an internationallandmark, with some 114 domes, all of which are covered with glass mosaic tiles. Designed taking every tiniest detail into consideration, capable of offering an unrivalled quality of service, this building has been created with the aim of whisking its guests away into the world of aristocracy, where every wish will be filled and every request met. As well as restaurants, bars, luxurious halls, meeting rooms and salons of every type, the hotel offers open-air discos for gala evenings and hosts awide range of cultural, artistic and musical events.

The hotel complex has been illuminated also with Clay Paky projectors. Egor Popowsky, head of Clay Paky U.A.E., in collaboration with the Edison Lighting Group, completed the project, using 32 CP Color 150-E and 18 CP Color 575 fixtures, both products having IP65 protection.

The CP Color 150-E are used on the minor domes of the main building, whilst the CP Color 575 light up the main entrance gate to the hotel, an arch supported by 4 large colonnades. The choice of using projectors with two different powers was motivated by the different heights of the structures to be illuminated. At night, the lights slowly and gradually change colour to enhance the most interesting architectural details. When there are special events, the chromatic themes can vary in intensity and colour, or take on a fixed colour.

The meteorological conditions in the Emirates are somewhat prohibitive: at night the temperature in Summer can reach 30-35 degrees, with up to 90% humidity. This climate puts a strain on the functionality of a projector but the CP Color by Clay Paky, developed specifically to withstand even adverse climatic conditions, are proving to be highly reliable and have never shown any problems, even during the recent very hot summer.