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Restored Moscow Theatre selects Clay Paky lighting
Doka Center Ltd
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September 15, 2011 was an important day for Moscow and indeed the entire theatre community of Russia: the day marked the opening of Moscow’s historic Theatre of Nations following a 4-year reconstruction period.

Established in 1885, the theatre offers a showcase for a rich variety of experimental drama, international theatre tours and festivals.

Clay Paky distributor DOKA Center Ltd was actively involved in the renovation of the theatre. “We have never performed such a large and varied amount of work in supplying for a theater before”, said DOKA’s director Alexander Fokichev. “We were involved in all aspects from designing the scenic technology to supplying, installing and implementing the stage lighting equipment.”

DOKA Center Ltd supplied 10 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 575s and 14 Alpha Wash 575s for the main stage. The fixtures give the theatre’s lighting designers free rein to create limitless graphic lighting effects. The prestigious nature of the project required extremely high-quality lighting equipment, and stringent demands were made for spotlights that could function silently.

A second stage space in the Theatre was equipped with 15 Alpha Spot HPE 300 and 15 Alpha Wash 300 fixtures. The fixtures were chosen for their small footprint, excellent beam and rich, artistic effects.

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, said at the meeting with the theatre team: “Major work has been done in less than three years. What I have just seen is impressive. A beautiful building reflecting the spirit of old Moscow has been restored. Now it is equipped with modern technologies. It is an excellent ground for arts enthusiasts and theatre lovers, in particular.”