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Richard Martin Lighting lights Fee Fi Fo Yum… with Clay Paky
Richard Martin Lighting
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Les Dennis presents a new series of the hugely successful BBC children’s TV show where the aim of the game is bizarrely, not to be eaten by Brian the Giant. With computer generated assistance, giants, gunge, a fantastically designed set, a very dapper Dennis in a sequined jacket and catchy slogans such as ‘if you’re not the winner you’ll be Brian’s dinner’ – it is sure to capture the imagination of the younger generation.

The show was made in BBC Television Centre TC 3. The set took up all but a few feet of the studio with the massive kitchen scales at the centre, giant books made up the steps and in the middle was a very big bowl which held the messy gunge games.

Due to the scale of the set and the size of the studio, to fill it, it called for some punchy lights and a nice even leave of smoke. Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300‘s gave me the punchy beam  which works for the games conditions and the Alpha Spot HPE 700’s were used to break up the floor and pick the children, or should I say the ‘humunchies?!