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RML lights CBBC "Copycats" show with Clay Paky
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Ever heard of Chinese Whisper….Did someone just say something about my Sister….Rob from College said he kissed her…Oh I’ve got a terrible blister…yep – you know that one!? The thing that has gotten most of us in trouble at some stage – where what the last person hears is completely different to the original story! 

Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes are back to host the CBBC show in Scotland ‘Copycats’. Two families go head-to-head to battle it out in a range of hilarious games based around the said ‘Chinese Whispers’. 

Richard Martin Lighting provided lights, supported by Tony Kennedy and his team at TSL Glasgow, in accordance to Roger Williams design. This run of shows is scheduled to be aired in November 2010. 

The lighting rig included a variety of the Clay Paky range, such as Alpha Wash 575, Alpha Wash 300, Alpha Spot HPE 575. This high performance spot has a high reliability and wide effects section that is adaptable to any environment. It also sports an impressive range of features including; Linear CTO, CYM Colour mixing, 7 x colour wheels, 10°-40° electronic linear zoom, 2 x rotating gobos with 6 x gobos in each and 1 x fixed wheel with 8 gobos. 

The Alpha Wash 575 is light at less than 30kg, respectably, and it also offers innovation with its linear zoom offering a range of 4°-80°. It also has CYM colour mixing, linear CTO and light frost and heavy frost with linear variation on 2 separate channels. When asked about his choice in specification, Roger said ‘I can’t fault any of the Alpha range they are versatile, bright, reliable and exciting. They are currently my first choice for all shows, and with the fantastic range available from RML I’m spoilt for choice!’