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RML supply Clay Paky B-EYEs for the Sky Sports Awards
Richard Martin Lighting (RML)
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UK – Since the company’s inception in the early 1980s, Richard Martin Lighting has established a formidable reputation as a premier supplier of lighting fixtures to the television sector and now boasts a stock sheet comprising more than 5000 products.  In such a demanding and fast moving industry, RML are constantly reassessing and updating their inventory and have recently taken delivery of a number of the new Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20, the fixture that has won a variety of industry awards since its launch late last year.

In such a crowded market, packed with products from other manufacturers, why have RML opted to purchase the K20 B-EYEs from Ambersphere Solutions, the exclusive UK and ROI distributors and service suppliers for Clay Paky?  Gemma Jaques is RML’s Marketing Coordinator: “We have a long term relationship with Clay Paky and many of the Ambersphere team so as soon as it became clear what a popular fixture the B-EYE was going to be we decided it was essential that we invest in them.  We only took delivery of the K20 version a couple of weeks ago and we’ve already had lots of interest in them – their first job was the Sky Sports Awards and they went out so fast we didn’t have time to get them flight cased!”

“There is a wide range of moving light product on the market,” continues Jaques, “so it’s really important that we make the right choices when opting to invest in a new fixture.  The colours are fantastic on the units and the effects available provide that ‘something new’ that designers have been desperate to see. We’ve been extremely excited to see how they will be used.”

From Ambersphere’s perspective, this has been a particularly positive delivery as Lee House of technical sales explains, “RML have always been a great company to work with; they know the market and what products work for their customers. They have a wide and varied spread across all the TV produced in the UK and needed a product that could work for everything they do, which is why we are very pleased they have invested in the B-EYE range.”

And the B-EYEs have not disappointed.  Their versatility as a beam and a wash light makes them an intelligent choice both for the designer and from a financial perspective, but their unique visual effects make them really stand out from the crowd.  Crucially, it is clear from their first outings to television studios, TV cameras love them.

“We stock a large amount of Clay Paky product,” says Jaques, “We were amongst the first to invest in the now legendary Sharpy and stock a vast quantity of many of the different fixtures from the Alpha range. Clay Paky products have always been both innovative and diverse, making them hugely popular with our customers and LD’s. We are extremely happy with our latest investment and are sure that the B-EYE K20 will prove a favourite in the coming months.”