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Rock band Amén’s 20th Anniversary Concert Lights up Lima with Claypaky Mythos2 and Sharpy
Lighting Designer
Gianfranco Di Vitto
M&M Shows Eirl
Photo Credits
Raul Umeres
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Lima, Peru – Peruvian group Amén performed a spectacular homecoming gig at Lima’s Gran Teatro Nacional in August to mark two decades of success. Lighting designer Gianfranco Di Vitto was armed with the versatile Claypaky Mythos2 and Claypaky Sharpy to create a range of emotive looks, inspired by the music that fitted both aspects of the acoustic and electric set.

Speaking on his close working relationship with Amén, Di Vitto says, “the band asked me to design a show with the music as the muse. Lead singer and composer Marcello Mota picked up his guitar and played me the setlist. He told me the backstory of each song, his thoughts and intentions with the lyrics and melodies. It was intense and fascinating, enabling me to deeply understand the music, making it easier to translate into light and colour.”

Taking this into account, Di Vitto specified the Mythos2 for its smooth dimming curve and accurate colour reproduction, achieved through the fixture’s CMY colour system, 14 colour filters on three wheels and 2 CTO filters. “I used the Mythos2 to create some 15-25 second colour fades,” he continues. “The fixture did a great job with those cues in a perfect fade effect, and the 4-50˚ zoom range is fantastic.”

Di Vitto’s work featured a number of looks with both intricate beam work and deep, saturated washes. Rigged on ever-moving T booms over the heads of the band, he was able to change the fixture’s function from a wash to dense beam in an instant.

The lightweight Sharpy fixtures were rigged upstage on a custom-built circular truss, automated to move up and down as well as tilting 90˚ over its axis. Specified for their perfectly parallel beams with a zoom range of zero-3.8˚, Di Vitto comments, “they remain unmatched on the market, and are the most suitable beam fixture to compose shapes for the music.

“The Sharpy’s compact size, low power consumption and powerful output is awesome – great tools to create any kind of design, indoors or outside. Claypaky amazed me with the development of the Sharpy fixtures, and then reaffirmed its vanguard with the Mythos2 and new B-EYE models, and now the Axcor range is a completely new lighting technology. I believe this is the future of lighting and I cheer it on loudly.” 

Amén is one of Peru’s most loved bands with fans across the country.

The Claypaky fixtures were supplied by rental company M&M Shows Eirl. NOVOLITE SCREEN & LIGHT is the Claypaky distributor for Peru.  (