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Sharpy flexes its "muscles" at the boxing match
Lighting Designer
Gilbert „Misch“ Dadario
Michaelis GmbH
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When ARD recently broadcast the boxing match between the current lightweight world champion Marco Huck and the Argentinean Hugo Hernan Garay, the two champs were not the only ones packing “power” at Munich’s Olympia-Eisstadion. Because 16 Clay Paky Sharpys were installed around the ring to provide explosive light effects with their concentrated beam.

Lighting designer Gilbert „Misch“ Dadario used Sharpy for the first time: “They are truly impressive. Sharpy is astonishing from various standpoints. Not only did I doubt its 189W lamp was capable of such brightness, but even the speed with which this moving light can move is incredible. I’m a great Clay Paky fan and Sharpy combines everything I love about this company. I have never had any problems with Clay Paky projectors.”

Even Martin Riesch, the on-site project technical director for Michaelis GmbH, only had good things to say about Sharpy: “It is amazing to see how explosive Sharpy’s performance is. Furthermore, due to their compact size, we could place the moving lights in the audience without obstructing anyone’s view.”

Another individual happy with Sharpy was Bernd Michaelis, Michaelis GmbH managing director and the boxing match’s TV producer: “We are planning to purchase these moving lights in the future. In fact, focusing on energy consumption, we intend to purchase higher performance lights with low power absorption.”

A Pre-Rigg on various truss systems – including Eurotruss’ FD34 and FD33 trusses – was used for the ice stadium event. An 8 x 8 metre LED screen composed of Barco MiTRIX modules was placed directly above the ring. Two grandMA full-size consoles in combination with a video calculator with MA VPU software (Video Processing Unit) were created to record content and run by Peter Tacke. Another full-size grandMA was used as a backup. Three MA NSP (Network Signal Processors) were used to ensure sufficient network power.

In all, 12 lorries were required to transport all the material. However, this was not a great challenge for Michaelis GmbH since the company has been organising boxing matches in Germany for the last 11 years. In addition to lighting and video equipment, the company was in charge of rigging and sound in Munich.

Marco Huck defended his world title by KO in the tenth round.