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Clay Paky will be present at Show-Way 2008 with the whole of its extraordinary range of ALPHA moving body projectors, from 300 to 1200 W.

Among them all the last-born at Clay Paky, the ALPHA BEAM 300 stands out. It, together with the other three small compact 300W projectors, represents the extreme synthesis between compactness and the great professional features of the whole ALPHA Range.


ALPHA BEAM 300 is an innovative alternative to a Par 64 ACL in a compact and powerful moving light beam. Exclusively presented, it produces a superconcentrated near parallel light beam, for a use very similar to that of a Par 64 ACL, always present in all the big Rock’n’Roll shows, but with superior and innovative features.

The new, special Clay Paky optical group, with a low power 300 W lamp produces three times the brightness as that of an ordinary 1200 W wash projector, generating a “tube of light” with a natural beam of 8°. The aperture and graphics of the “tube of light” can be decided at will by using the 8 fixed gobos available, while a linear frost can be used to pass from a narrow hard beam to a more or less soft one.

CMY color mixing and a color wheel (8+1) allow the light beam to be colored at will. A Dimmer on a dedicated channel, stop/strobe and high speed Pan/Tilt complete the Alpha Beam 300 configuration.

Innovative and complete, compact, service friendly and easy to install and use, Alpha Beam 300 is the ideal Moving Light Beam for “live” professional use especially “long throw” to cut through the brightness of stage washes or LED backgrounds, with Aircraft Landing effects never seen before.


Compact, light, very silent, easy to install and extremely bright, with superior graphic and optical performances, it is the most complete “spot” in its category.

15°- 40° Zoom, CMY, 8+1 Color wheel, 15 Gobos (8 fixed and 7 rotating), Morphing Effect, Rotating Prism, Frost, 0-100% Dimmer on dedicated channel, iris and stop/strobe.

Alpha Spot HPE 300 is the ideal tool for every professional sector, where you want to combine contained size with high performance.


Con le stesse qualità ottiche, illuminotecniche e costruttive di Alpha Spot HPE 300, è ideale per le applicazioni più essenziali con livelli d’investimento contenuti.

E’ dotato di due ruote da 8+1 colori combinabili fra loro, 15 gobo (8 fissi e 7 rotanti), Effetto Morphing, prisma rotante, dimmer 0-100% su canale dedicato, stop/strobo.


Alpha Wash 300 ia a compact, light and very silent washlight that is easy to install and extremely bright.

The CMY system and 8+1 color wheel can provide any required tonality and an unrivalled color quality. 2 levels of frost on dedicated channels provide diffusion of the color in a linear and uniform way, even from short distances, permitting its universal use in the most demanding professional sectors.

A 0-100% Dimmer on dedicated channel and stop/strobe effect complete the effects section.