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Display Line, a line of visual information projectors, has been enriched with a number of interesting new features. The extended range includes both new models and new accessories and adapters, designed to comply with the increasing needs of this specific professional lighting field.

The V.I.P. 150 PFC is identical to the V.I.P. 300 model, but uses a very-long life HQI-T 150 W lamp (6000 hours, while the PRO version offers a full 9000 hours), 13,000 lumen lighting power and a temperature color of 4,200 Kelvin. The standard V.I.P. 150 boasts an improved power factor; that is, it actually consumes just a little over 150 W. The projector features temperatures similar to the V.I.P. DIA and can thus be used for the same effects. The extra-long lamp life enables their use even in fixed, low-maintenance installations.

The V.I.P. 250 ALO ST is the new projector which combines the compact size of the S.I.P. body with the luminosity and optional motorized accessories of the V.I.P. 250 ALO.
The projector does not have a transformer (ST = no transformer) and must be powered by an external transformer which may be used for several projectors simultaneously, or by electrified lower-voltage guides. These units are ideal for display windows, shops, museums, and any place where space is at a premium.

The V.I.P. 300 PFC has the same characteristics as the standard V.I.P. 300, although it has been fitted with an internal power-factor corrector condenser, which provides significant energy savings (approx. 400 VA instead of 800 VA).
A slightly longer body (+57 mm.) has been used to house the internal power-correction system.

The V.I.P. DIA PFC has the same characteristics as the standard V.I.P. DIA, although for this model as well, the internal power-factor correction condenser provides considerable energy savings with slightly larger dimensions.
The power-factor correction (PFC) unit can be installed on standard projectors, and provides reduced energy consumption.
The condensers are contained in a closed casing which has the appearance and dimensions of the S.I.P. 300 unit.

Among the new accessories added to this line, we find a Ø 31.5 mm. gobo adapter (Code C21035), a new 70-120 mm. zoom lens (Code C52110), which thanks to its new construction features may be mounted on all the Display Line models, a new rain guard kit, and optional electrified bars having different dimensions than the standard size: 130 (Code C52179) and 210 mm. (Code C52180).
In order to meet with the multiple demands of all the various professional fields, Display Line has extended its already well-assorted line of adapters with:
An adapter and support for optic fiber equipment.
A strobe effect, with speed of 4 flashes per second.
A graphic film effect, which enables continuous projection of Ø 130 mm. photographic film discs.
A digital liquid-crystal clock.
A sound-to-light rotating gobo and a sound-to-light graphic effect, with a microphone inside the equipment which influences speed and direction of rotation.

Clay Paky has also inaugurated a series of “intelligent adapters” controlled by an electronic 0-10V control unit.
The following effects are included in this group:
A color changer,
A gobo changer,
A three-position slide changer,
A six-position slide changer,
A stop.