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The leitmotif: “A thousand frames of emotion. Clay Paky and only Clay Paky”

Clay Paky’s leitmotif at SIB 2002 was an intriguing “eye” leading the way to the astounding effects and thousands of thrilling shapes that Stage Profile Plus SV has to offer.
With its new look and quality materials, the stand was designed in tune with this theme and was strategically positioned in a spacious area within easy reach of workers, visitors and journalists.
There was plenty of space inside for guests, a bar area and of course a spacious showroom displaying the many Clay Paky products launched over the past year. A practical push-button panel gave every visitor the chance to operate the special effects offered by each product exhibited.

New Clay Paky products at SIB 2002

Some of the products exhibited were the professional beam shapers Stage Profile Plus SV and Stage Profile 1200 SV, which along with Stage Zoom 1200 SV and Stage Color 1200 SV, complete the range of “Silent Version” projectors; the powerful (1200W) Golden Spot and Golden Color 1200 projectors, ideal for any budget; the line of new CP Color professional color changers including the latest model CP Color 575; the Color Wave “wash” color changer and the powerful visual communication projector V.I.P. 1200, found in the Display Line area.

CP Color 575
CP Color 575 is the latest professional color changer from the CP Color line: a perfect mix of experience and technology which will stagger you with outstanding power and color quality.
Designed for illuminating facades, monuments, fountains, columns and other architectural, historical, artistic and urban features, CP Color 575 has a protection rating of IP65.
It can be fitted with an HSD 575 lamp or an MSD 575 lamp, both state-of-the-art products offering high luminosity.
CP Color 575 features CMY color mixing, with selected dichroic filters for infinite shades of uniform color and a 0 to 100% dimmer for gradual dimming of the beam.
Clay Paky offers an optional ovalising filter which can be rotated to the desired position, a frost filter “400”, a frost filter “90” and a diffusion filter which opens the beam to an angle of 80° whilst maintaining maximum uniformity of light even from a close distance. All filters are 205 mm in diameter and can be fitted onto the body of the projector.
Operators can choose whether to program the projector from a lighting desk (DMX 512 signal) or to use the automatic functions (“Stand Alone” mode), with a wide choice of handy chases.
The effects section of the CP Color 575 can be rotated through 90° and works in any position.

Color Wave
The Clay Paky range of colour changers has now been upgraded by a new product: Color Wave, with its uniform colour wash displays, is designed to enhance commercial environments, as well as entertainment and leisure settings.
It uses an HTI 300/DX or HTI 300/DEL long-life (3000 hour) discharge lamp. In addition to a colour wheel with 7 carefully selected dichroic filters, it offers a 0 to 100% mechanical dimmer, stop and strobe.
Color Wave can be set in automatic “Stand Alone” or Master/Slave mode, which perfectly synchronizes several projectors operating in sequence. You can also control it from a lighting desk with the DMX 512 signal.
This colour changer comes with an optional diffusion filter capable of expanding the beam to 80°, a frost filter “400”, a frost filter “90” and an ovalising filter, which can be fitted on the projector without additional mounts.

V.I.P. 1200
V.I.P. 1200 is a major innovation in architectural lighting and visual communication. It’s actually the only projector specifically designed for long distance projection (up to 50 metres!) of stationary and moving images, writing, logos and advertisements.
V.I.P. 1200 is a 1200 W/GS lamp projector and the most powerful of Display Line’s models. It features extraordinary versatility, offering a series of compatible accessories easily stored inside the projector, which can project images in a variety of creative ways. The accessories can work both automatically (in “Stand Alone” mode) or controlled from a lighting desk by the DMX 512 signal. V.I.P. 1200 also offers a choice of 5 lenses to cater for different distances.
V.I.P. 1200 is ideal for shopping centres, exhibitions, large industrial presentations, showrooms and cinemas, and can also be used outdoors with the special “outdoor covering” optional accessory (turning it into IP44 protection rating).

Stage Profile Plus SV

Stage Profile Plus SV is an innovative 1200W professional moving body beam shaper, designed for all professional uses demanding top performance.
The strengths of Stage Profile Plus SV are reflected in its name: Plus, for the quality and quantity of its unrivalled dynamic shapes and forms.
SV stands for Silent Version, placing it in Clay Paky’s range of the world’s most silent 1200W moving body projectors.

The patented profile system is the very heart of Stage Profile Plus SV. It is based on a group of 4 separately moving blades controlled from a lighting desk. It creates unprecedented effects such as the “Total Curtain” effect with a single blade, “Framed Moving Images” as well as quadrilaterals and triangles of any shape or size, rotating everything at an angle of 90°.

But it’s not only the profile system that makes Stage Profile Plus SV so special: there are also the 2 rotating gobo wheels that can be superimposed for a Morphing effect, linear zoom, electronic focusing, linear variation frost, 3 prisms, CMY colour mixing, CTO-CTB, iris, dimmer on a single channel and stop/strobe. All these features are of exceptional quality and no other lighting projector can offer them altogether.

Do have a look at our brochure for a detailed description of the product. But most of all, come and see it in action at one of our demos, held every half hour (alternated in both Italian and English) at Clay Paky’s stand.

Press Conference

The press conference, held on Sunday evening at the stand’s showroom, involved journalists from all the main international specialist magazines. Clay Paky’s Commercial Director Enrico Caironi illustrated the features of the new products presented at SIB, focusing on Stage Profile Plus SV, which introduced the demo show.

Clay Paky dazzles them all

Many SIB exhibitors trusted the Bergamo-based company Clay Paky to illuminate their stands: to name but a few, Silb, Outline, AFA, Altair, Dee Jay Service, Mielle, Sound & Lite. The Rimini trade fair company made use of the splendid signs projected by V.I.P. 300, which guided visitors to the most popular areas.

Clay Paky Evenings: Peter Pan and Barge

Barge and Peter Pan are two well-known meeting places but not only on the coast. Barge is an Irish pub serving excellent draught beer and typical Romagna dishes, whereas Peter Pan is considered one of the trendiest night-clubs along the Adriatic coast, with entertainment activities and frequent outstanding guests. In collaboration with both places, Clay Paky organized get-togethers with the guests and its sales network. Peter Pan was illuminated with the new moving body projectors Golden Spot 1200 and Golden 1200 as well as its Astroscans, which all adapt perfectly to “disco” settings. Barge was set up with the Display Line V.I.P. 300 projectors for the entrance signs.