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Clay Paky was present at the recent Olympic Games in Shanghai dedicated to the disabled, and which were characterized by a record participation: over 7,000 athletes from 164 Countries, taking part in 21 Olympic disciplines, 2,300 trainers and 40,000 voluntary workers from all over the world.

The opening and closing ceremonies each lasted 3 hours, and were a wonderful succession of human pictures, fountains, fireworks, light effects, dancing, music and costumes which combined to create a fresco that highlights the integration between the Chinese traditional culture and the new modern influence of today’s population.

122 Alpha Spot HPE 1200 Clay Paky, supplied by the German company Procon, were used to create the main light shows. Ultra bright, fitted with a wide range of graphic options (20 gobos, animation disc, rotating prisms), the HPEs were able to illuminate, even from great distances, entire sections of the stadium and the protagonists who were on stage, contributing to making this edition of the Games truly memorable.