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The British STLD visits Clay Paky

A delegation from Britain’sSTLD – the Society of Television Lighting Directors – visited the Clay Paky premises on 19th and 20th May 2007 and met the Chairman, Pasquale Quadri, and his staff.

The purpose of the visit was to enable the two sides to get to know each other better and was organized by Bernie Davis: the directors of photography of the STLD, guided by the specialized Clay Paky technicians, had the opportunity to examine the Italian company’s products in detail, in particular the Alpha line. The Alpha products are acknowledged as excellent products for use in professional contexts, and specifically in TV.

On its side, theClay Paky staff were able to go into some technical aspects in depth and receive valuable suggestions for the future development of their products. The directors of photography contributed their experience of many years, gained working both for British television and in other national and international contexts.

The two-day visit toClay Paky was wrapped up with a tour of Bergamo, which stands in the heart of the industrial area of northern Italy, but which can also boast of an important old centre and surroundings of rare scenic beauty.

Stuart Gain, Chairman of STLD, emphasised that “It was a real pleasure to see the Alpha range of luminaires and the factory. The quality of the product is really high and I hope the STLD can assist Clay Paky in spreading the word and putting them back where they belong in the UK market”.

Enrico Caironi of Clay Paky added: “Constant contact with leading figures in the profession is fundamental to feel the pulse of the market. The STLD guys are all very established figures, with great national and international experience and they have given us some invaluable technical tip”.