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ADB by Claypaky Orkis CYC
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The ADB by Claypaky Orkis CYC recently received an award from the French digital magazine SoundLightUp (SLU), which specializes in entertainment lighting and audio.

The SLU Prix de L’innovation, launched at the end of 2022, is awarded to R&D teams for innovations such as new effects, cooling technology, design details or software. The SLU team that tests the machines comprises lighting engineers, console designers and sound engineers with in-depth knowledge of the products on the market.

Monique Cussigh, Director of SLU, explained that the award is not given for the power of the lights, since LEDs have advanced to the point where many lights would qualify each year. Instead, it is awarded for design details that lead to exceptional light output in a compact and lightweight unit. The goal is to acknowledge manufacturers who invest in substantial research and development.

The Orkis Cyc is a cyclorama light built on multispectral six-colour HCR LED technology, offering a wide selection of colours and precise dimming capabilities. The addition of amber, cyan and lime to the standard RGB colours ensures accurate colour reproduction and flexibility in all lighting setups, with tunable white light from 2500K to 8000K.

The Orkis Cyc is not just about lighting the stage; it also focuses on low noise and efficiency. It is compact and lightweight (<6kg), suitable for floor or truss mounting. With the in-house developed FLOW Technology Orkis Cyc’s active liquid cooling system, the fixture reduces noise levels to 24.2 dB in standard mode, perfect for whisper-quiet operations without compromising performance in theatrical productions, concerts, and film studios.

In the article accompanying the award, SLU noted: “The great innovation of the Orkis CYC lies in its cooling system, designed to make the product as compact as possible while minimizing fan noise. FLOW is the first water cooling system incorporated into a show fixture, which, unlike heat pipes, uses an active fluid circuit coupled with a pump to force liquid cooling and increase heat transfer efficiency.”

Alberico D’Amato, Sales Director of Claypaky, stated: “We are proud of this award, which certifies our constant strive for innovation. The static head lights in the ADB by Claypaky theatrical line provide a complete range for the theatre applications and perfectly combine tradition with modernity. Evidence of this is the multispectral six-colour HCR LED and FLOW technology, a feature designed in-house by Claypaky R&D that make the Orkis CYC a unique and innovative unit for lighting designers”.