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The Clay Paky B-EYE creates spectacular looks for Norwegian band Postgirobygget
Lighting Designer
Petter Nilssen
Spekter A/S
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Norway: The triple award-winning Clay Paky B-EYE has been dubbed a ‘fixture without limitation’ due to its ‘100% perfect’ performance whilst on tour with popular Norwegian pop-band Postgirobygget.

The A.Leda B-EYE is the latest LED effects light to be released from Clay Paky and has already accrued a PIPA 2014 award for best light, as well as industry awards at both LDI 2013 and PLASA 2013. Lighting designer Petter Nilssen of Norway based distribution house Elektrik Solutions specified twelve of the B-EYE K20s from rental outfit Spekter A/S for use on his vibrant lighting design for Norwegian pop-stars Postgirobygget.

“We needed a fixture that was easy to tour but also gave us unique looks at all the places we visited,” explains Nilssen. “The A.Leda B-EYE K-20 really is the fixture Postgirobygget and I have been waiting for. It is such an incredible fixture that we have actually designed the tour around the lights, which is not something we do very often.”

In order to maintain a fresh approach for each of the band’s shows, Nilssen created a lighting design that had a large element of creative spontaneity. “In all projects, I think the challenge is to maintain a unique look and give the audience a show they think they’ve never seen before. With the Clay Paky B-EYE it is a lot easier to overcome that challenge. I can easily do 90 minute shows with around 26 songs that are different every time with the B-EYEs – something much harder to achieve with any other spot light.”

The A.Leda B-EYE K20 is an effects, wash and beam light all in one. It features an impressive 4º to 60º beam aperture and its rotating front lens allows for countless kaleidoscopic effects for aerial or projection use. The fixture houses 37 LEDs allowing for stunning colour mixing as well as a white CT Emulation of 2500-8000K, whilst remaining impressively cool.

“It produces limited heat and that is just great,” continues Nilssen. “This is a small fixture with a tremendous output. I have yet to go over 50% intensity in wash mode – it was just too bright! Often I use it at as little as 10%. I also love the freedom to create numerous unique looks combining pixel-mapping with the rotating lens. Not only that, the huge amount of creative options open to a designer in the macro-mode where you can control the colour, background colour, speed and shape of the macro gives you full control. Clay Paky has made a fixture with no limitations – I will definitely be using them again.”