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The Entertainment Industry uses lights as their "arms" to express solidarity and thank the heroes who are fighting against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the whole planet hard on every level. Besides the tragedy of those who have lost their loved ones, we all find ourselves facing difficulties in our working lives owing to the inevitable slowdown in business. One of the most affected sectors is precisely the Entertainment industry, which has been always based on large crowds and mass amusement. However the unstoppable dynamism typical of our industry immediately reacted to the lockdown by launching heartfelt gestures of solidarity to the world through light, our special weapon for uniting people remotely. Here is an overview of the main events involving Claypaky lights which have taken place in the world in response to the current emergency situation.

On Sunday 22 March, AV rental companies across the Benelux region lit up the night-time sky in an event called #LightTheSky in an act of solidarity with all the heroes fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic. Countless companies, venues and individuals took part Sunday evening from 20:00 to 20:30 by either pointing light beams skyward or illuminating architecture such as hospitals and parks. Reaction to the event was overwhelmingly positive as the entertainment business showed its support for all the medical staff and other front line service workers fighting to keep us all safe. As an industry hit especially hard by the pandemic, the outpouring of support by lighting companies was especially poignant.
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This solidarity event aimed at the whole world afflicted by COVID-19 was organized by the Australian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA). It took place on 15 April 2020 in major Australian cities. Cat Strom, head of the Association, gave these instructions: “The time can be whenever you wish in the evening for as long as you wish. It can be beams into the night sky, a building wash, projected gobos, media projection, lasers – whatever you wish! Flood your social media with images. Not only will it be a mark of respect to all those fighting the pandemic, it will also draw attention to the plight of the entertainment business in this dreadful time.” The event involved all distributors, manufacturers, production companies, venues and sole traders in the industry. Again, several companies used Claypaky lights for their rigs.
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#UniteWithLight, #AndraTuttoBene, #WeLightAsOne and many others
Several other events involved companies in our industry around the world in the battle against COVID-19. Below are just a few.
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Claypaky Sharpy Plus Aqua: Stronger than the storm
We would like to conclude this review, that our Industry have devoted to the victims of COVID-19 and to those who are fighting it, with this new Sharpy Plus Aqua teaser video. The creative concept was developed before the outbreak of the pandemic, but it is today a perfect metaphor for the desire we all have for a “guiding light through the storm”.