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The new Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330 - The Perfect Partner
Richard Martin Lighting, Hawthorn Theatrical Ltd, ENTEC, Neg Earth Lighting
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It’s arrived.  A new member of the family joins the legendary Sharpy from Clay Paky: it imitates its speed, weight and size but fills the space beyond 6deg making it the obvious choice to complement the Sharpy’s beam capacity.  With a range from 6.5deg to 48deg the Sharpy Wash is designed by the boffins at the Clay Paky optical lab to be the flip-side to the Sharpy coin.  The 330W lamp equals the output of a 1000W luminaire and weighing in at only 18.5 Kg it is the ideal tourable unit.

Ambersphere Solutions’ MD, Glyn O’Donoghue
is in no doubt about the level of interest generated by this little weapon, “As Clay Paky’s exclusive distributor we know that one of their strengths is that they consult with real lighting designers to specify the feature set of their new fixtures; the Sharpy, and now the Sharpy Wash, are the result of that policy.  We have been showing one prototype for a few weeks and have been blown away by the reaction from LDs and rental companies alike.  It seems like the Sharpy Wash fills a void for rental companies as they have been placing orders without waiting for designers to specify them – it’s unprecedented!”

Like its older brother, the Sharpy Wash appeals to end users across the whole of the live event and installation industry as Ambersphere’s order book confirms.  From TV lighting specialists and corporate event suppliers through to companies that supply rigs ranging from the more modest touring productions through to the gargantuan sized event, the Sharpy Wash has generated interest from all.

Richard Martin Lighting
supply lights to the very demanding and continuously developing TV market.  As a moving light specialist they need to react quickly when new product becomes available.  “From the success of the Sharpy we knew that the Sharpy Wash would be at the forefront of innovation and become one of the trendsetting products of the year,” says Marketing Co-ordinator, Gemma Jaques.

RML’s Operations Manager, Steve Wells
is in full agreement, “The Sharpy has been such a successful purchase for RML when we heard about the Sharpy Wash – we had to see it! The unit is extremely diverse and the multi-function aspect means that the lighting designer has so many more options when using them. The concept that you could have a whole rig of just one type of fixture while being able to create a much more varied look, is potentially a very exciting one.”

It is not only lighting hire and sales companies that have been attracted by the buzz generated by the advent of the Sharpy Wash as Neg Earth’s MD, Dave Ridgway attests, “When we purchased our Sharpy Wash stock after a demo at Clay Paky distributor’s, Ambersphere, we already had confirmed projects that had requested it in their spec such as the Pet Shop Boys & Eddie Izzard, along with a sub hire to a third party for an amount of fixtures for a long rental.  There’s no doubt we’ve seen a lot of interest in the product; I would suggest that as it’s a small and very punchy unit along with being competitively priced it will do very well in the market.  Certainly, over the last five years Clay Paky products have become increasingly popular and reliable – we’re confident this will continue with Sharpy Wash.”

Noreen O’Riordan, Director at ENTEC
also reports that they have responded to customer demand.  She describes the impact of their order: “Our delivery of Sharpy Washes represents a significant shift in the structure of our inventory.  There’s no doubt it has changed the dynamic of what we have to offer clients.  Although the purchase has been instigated by a specific client request, in a way that was just an excuse for us to make, what is for us, a significant investment in the Sharpy brand.  Our confidence in the product is supported by the excellent service we receive from Ambersphere and Clay Paky.”

Martin Hawthorn of Hawthorn Theatrical Ltd,
currently celebrating their acquisition of Anagram, is also clearly delighted to have added the Sharpy Wash to their stock list.  “With the success of our existing huge inventory of Clay Paky fixtures, ranging from the smaller Alpha 300s through to the 1200s and the very popular 700 Alpha range,” Hawthorn explains, “Adding the Sharpy Wash was a natural progression.  This, coupled with its amazing performance when compared with existing fixtures, sealed the deal for us to buy an initial stock of nearly 50, which will be used on events ranging from corporate parties, large scale conferences, product launches and concert touring.”

With the successful delivery of this new member to the family, the Sharpy dynasty now has all bases covered.  From all sectors of the market: from the smallest corporate unveiling to the biggest live music festival, the little dynamite package that is the Sharpy Wash 330 has already made its mark.