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The sky is the limit for Clay Paky on ‘airport’ themed party
Lighting Designer
Lee Gruszeckyj
Central Presentations Limited (CPL)
Photo Credits
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UK – Leading technical producer Central Presentations Limited (CPL) has collaborated with event producer Bright to throw a spectacular airport-themed fancy dress party for the 1200 guests of a leading technology brand. CPL lighting designer Lee Gruszeckyj chose an array of Clay Paky fixtures to deliver stunning effects, colour and key lighting throughout the glittering event, including Alpha Spot HPE 1200, Sharpy and Sharpy Wash 330s.

Taking over one of Cotswold Airfield in Gloucestershire’s vast hangars, the party saw guests invited to enjoy several different areas including ‘check in/security’ and the ‘departure lounge’, where a DJ and bands played and an award ceremony took place on the main stage.

“We used eight Sharpys and eight Sharpy Wash 330s to give us some great beam effects during the perfomances,” says Gruszeckyj. “Their brightness and speed was fantastic.”

The fixtures were rigged on a network of trusses flown above the stage and the audience. Gruszeckyj employed the Alpha Spot HPE 1200s, with their sophisticated graphic system including 20 gobos on three wheels, an animation disc and two rotating prisms, to deliver exciting beam effects during the party that enhanced the club-like feel.

“The Alpha Spots are so versatile that as well as delivering great beam effects we could also use them for vibrant colour washes during the awards,” continues Gruszeckyj. “It’s always exciting to work in a new and site-specific space, and it galvanised the whole team to be inventive and ambitious in producing an event experience that was highly memorable for guests and of which we were really proud.”