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The versatility of Clay Paky Glow UPs in architectural illumination
Lighting Designer
Gianmarco Maccario
Pico Service
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ITALY – During the first stage of this memorable edition of the Giro d’Italia, the Royal Hotel Sanremo asked Pico Service to illuminate part of the hotel building’s façades. The lighting service company proposed an uncluttered solution designed to avoid disturbing hotel guests.

The Royal Hotel is the utmost in accommodation in the city. It was built on a privileged site in 1872 . The Hotel rises towards the sky with its white façades and overlooks the sea, just a short walk from the centre of Sanremo. It is completely surrounded by more than 19,000 square yards of lush subtropical park with charming flowers and delicate perfumes in all seasons.

It is therefore necessary to make sure normal hotel business can go on as normal while the lighting control systems and lights are installed around the selected façades, and – at the same time – ensure the lighting gives spectacular results.

Pico is the Royal Hotel’s official lighting service firm. It knows all the hotel’s needs and all the features of the innovative LED Glow UP colour changers by Clay Paky. They are intelligent, dynamic, portable lights with swivel heads and no power or signal cables to lay, link up or protect. They are completely free-standing, and may be placed absolutely anywhere, wherever needed.

The internal battery, which can be recharged quickly in the light’s special housing/flight-case, means each LED light can run for hours and hours either automatically or as programmed using a wireless DMX controller which transmits to receivers built into each unit.
Their protection rating means Glow Up lights are easy to use outdoors, but their elegant chrome finish makes them perfect indoors too, even in the most exclusive surroundings.

Lighting designer Gianmarco Maccario said: “… from the various sequences and colours stored inside the light, we chose pink, which is the colour associated with the tour sponsor.  We carried out a preliminary study to decide the number of lights needed to achieve the desired effect. Twenty lights were freely positioned in compliance with distance and beam angle requirements (the angle may be adjusted using a manual zoom from 15° to 30°). The small Jands Vista S1 lighting console that controls them is hidden away near the hotel swimming pool. When the event is over, everything needs packing and taking away, which takes no time at all with Glow Ups. Once the pink is turned off, the night returns.”