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Volt Lites is First in the US with Claypaky’s ReflectXion Moving Mirrors
Volt Lites
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Burbank-based Volt Lites has marked another first with Claypaky lighting products becoming the first company in the US to acquire a complement of Claypaky’s ReflectXion Moving Mirrors.  Previously, Volt Lites was the first in the country with Claypaky Mini-B lighting fixures.

ReflectXion is a next-generation, compact moving mirror that allows users to bend and shape light without ever losing it: It redirects beams of light from any stage light with the same intensity as it receives them.

“ReflectXion is a very unique piece of technology; we haven’t seen anything like it in a long time,” says Harrison Lippman, Co-founder with Matt Shimamoto of Volt Lites.  “We felt that ReflectXion would be a very interesting and creative new tool to offer our clients.”

ReflectXion offers 540º pan and continuous tilt movement at adjustable speeds.  Its mirror is the same on both sides providing two highly reflective surfaces with which to direct light beams.  ReflectXion also features the same omega clamp hanging system as all Claypaky luminaires so it can be used virtually anywhere on or off stage in any working position.  The unit uses only six DMX channels, and pan and tilt resolution are both 16-bit for precise movements.  The user-friendly onboard LCD menu system makes addressing and setup a snap.

“We were impressed by ReflectXion’s level of precision and accuracy and its speed,” Lippman notes.  “We didn’t know how wide an user audience ReflectXion would attract, but once some really creative people got their hands on the unit it’s clear that ReflectXion is not just a tool for the lighting community: The laser and special effects communities are excited by it, too.”

With the coronavirus pandemic not many people have had a chance to see ReflectXion at trade shows or conventions, Lippman points out.  So Volt Lites is introducing the unit to key lighting designers, programmers and lighting directors in all industries through one-on-one demos.

“They’ve only heard about ReflectXion or read about it online,” he says. “Now they can see it in person and understand its capabilities.

“We’re confident that ReflectXion will give users a new level of creativity they haven’t been able to offer before.  We’re excited to see what kind of use case requests will start coming in soon!”