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The economy of developed countries is increasingly an economy of free time.

New interests have emerged in the body, fashion and various forms of socialising, amusement and entertainment. New companies and new professions are springing up and new creative, artistic, organisational, managerial and technological skills are in constant need.

The new economy, in all its forms and manifestations, is the basis of the Advanced Course and Workshop “Projects and Management for the New Economy”, coordinated by Mr. Roberto Masiero, a teacher in the Department of the History of Architecture of Venice. To study the topic “Designing a city of Music”, with Gianni Fabbri as the head of the artistic part, students on the Course attended a meeting in Clay Paky on the use of projectors for lighting in the architectural and professional entertainment sector.

This meeting was held by the Technical Director Angelo Cavenati, the Sales Manager for Italy Renato Ferrari and the Product Manager Pino Tinti. Together with Mr. Masiero, they illustrated the amazing opportunities offered by new lighting technologies, through a theoretical and practical session held in the spacious Clay Paky show room. The meeting could also be held thanks to the active participation of Altair, the distributor of Clay Paky products for Triveneto run by Pietro Tondello, who followed this cultural initiative with keen interest by keeping in close contact with Mr. Masiero and his study group.

With regard to the countless possible uses, attention was focused on the effects that light and colour have on our daily life, in the places that we go to and how they considerably influence our perceptions. This led to the conclusion that every project must attach great value to light and colour, as they are fundamental elements for enhancing any human environment to the full.

Innovative lighting technologies, with light as a virtual element, provide ever more applications and space for the ideas of designers and artists. As a confirmation of this, the collaboration of Clay Paky with Roberto Masiero not only benefits the Master but has also become constant research into new lighting solutions, as described in his forthcoming book about stage lighting of the Venetian Walls of Cittadella.