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World Music Festival is a unique music event. It has been established as an international TV Festival of popular music, with elements of ethno music of each participating country.

Festival shall be broadcast by TV stations of all participating countries and by TV networks from countries that buy broadcast rights. Participating countries at the first World Music Festival to be held in Sarajevo in 2005 are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Monte Negro, Iran, Indonesia, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt. In the year 2006, World Music Festival will open also to European and South-East Asian countries.

According to all relevant indicators approximately 300 million viewers will view the Festival through LIVE broadcast, which makes it unique in the world.

The event has been illuminated by Clay Paky products (6 pcs Stage Zoom, 8pcs Stage Light 300, 16 pcs Golden Scan 3, 3psc Follow Spot Shadow), provided by Masters Commerce, the Clay Paky distributor for Bosnia-Herzegovina.