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Aqua Mini


Breathtaking moments in life are what create the experience we receive, making it worth every minute and every second. When the two main elements of nature: ‘water’ and ‘light’ come together and create one of the most amazing experiences, magic simply happens and leaves an unforgettable memory in our minds.

Water shows are perfect for integration into live performances and architecture such as a concert with an orchestra or a dance recital, where a water show can be created in the background or used as decor integrated into the staging.

Programmable and controlled by DMX, AQUA MINI is a powerful (160W) and highly efficient (>3500lm) permanent underwater RGBW fixture (IP68) which is compliant with CE and ETL regulations. Aqua MINI is the ultimate inspiration for water show designers to make them turn water and light into emotions!

Aqua MINI is easy to transport, install and run thanks to its unique design. It can transform outdoor water fountains, historical fountains, sculptures or newly developed water shows easily and powerfully. This smart luminaire’s 6 channels (including adjustable strobe effect) and RDM capabilities provide a lot of functions and advantages such as durability, chromatic reproduction and resistance to being turned on and off continually.

Any color is possible through RGB combinations.

  • Light Source
    underwater fixture (IP68) with 5 RGBW multichip (4 in 1) / high power (30W each) LEDs
  • Light Output
    160W (>3500lm)
  • Zoom range
    10° beam angle
  • Effects
    Designed to be used in water fountain shows; controllable by DMX.

Technical Documentation


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