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Eurodim Twin-Tech

Twin Tech from ADB is a new generation of professional installation dimmers using cost effective Thyristor Technology with its proven track record, now featured in the versatile DimSwitch module.
The innovative Eurodim Twin Tech concept allows for plug-in modules of any type or rating to be freely mixed and moved in any configuration within a universal cabinet. Modules are instantly recognised by the automatic module identification function in the cabinet’s central electronics. This represents the ultimate in flexibility.
For example, it allows empty cabinets to be installed on site, while the modules can be specified and plugged in later.
Best of all, Eurodim Twin Tech offers the exciting benefits of ADB’s pioneering DimSwitch technology.

One standard cabinet. No specific configuration of module places required. The cabinet fits all applications. Even if the final dimmer circuit layout has not been yet defined when you have to start installation, you can already order your cabinets. The system is future proof. You can “add-on” more circuits later. Just order additional dimmer modules, put them in the cabinet, and plug and play!

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic and Reporting Functions

Dimmer reporting, diagnostics and management are available either on the local user interface of the dimmer cabinet, via our optional ADB dimmer management software: RDM Dimmer Manager or through RDM over ArtNet.
RDM Dimmer Manager and Hathor lighting software allow for comfortable and easy system wide configuration and diagnostic status reporting with a networked PC running on a Windows Operating System or within Liberty and Freedom, (OS and suitable PC are not supplied by ADB).

Cabinet status with:

  • Up to 300 LED indicators for status information of power supply and data.
  • Clear text messages on human interface indicating e.g. missing supply phase, loss of control signals, CPU failure, fan failure, ambient over temperature.

Sequential diagnostics (optional hardware to be separately ordered)
The sequential diagnostics is a pre-show test routine for circuit statuts reporting and is available with all standard modules.

  • Value of dimmer load (kW).
  • Deviation from a reference load.
  • No load and overload warning.
  • Short circuit.

Full diagnostic modules (optional, exclusively with suitable full diagnostic modules)

  • Dimmer protection tripped warning.
  • Overload and no-load warning.
  • Thyristor defect warning.
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  • Star 3 NpE 400 (TN-S), 198 V to 264 V, 50/60 Hz.


  • Rated current 600 A max. per cabinet; fault current rating Icc 50 kA.
  • Rated load of dimmer modules valid for continuous duty at + 35 °C ambient temperature for Thyristor Dimmer Modules.


  • Control inputs: two DMX512-A digital inputs and three universes over Ethernet; opto-isolated.
  • Software updates via plug-in memory card.
  • Dimming range: full dimming of any incandescent lamp from 20 W for thyristor modules up to the full rated load.
  • Efficiency at rated load: low loss thyristor dimmers with an exceptional efficiency η ≥ 98.3%, reducing costs in energy and HVAC.


  • TV broadcast quality filtering (BBC & TDF TV standards:
  • Minimum 400 µs rise time, 10% to 90%).
  • Professional quality filtering (200 µs) as an alternative.
  • Remote Cue Control functions such as playing and fading up/down of
    the cues, starting a Cue Chaser, storing a cue,… can be triggered via
    standard DMX, by TT Management Software (for pC) or local human interface


  • Standard diagnostic:
  • All EURODIM Twin Tech cabinets detect and report in real time:
    • CpU, back-up CpU: responding / missing
    • DMX and eDMX status: present / missing / type of DMX error
    • fan status per fan
    • room temperature warning
    • missing supply phase, mains overvoltage
    • change of module type
    • All events & parameters are available over the network. An error message on the EURODIM's LCD warns of important events.
  • Sequential Diagnostics:
    • value of the dimmer load (kW)
    • deviation from reference load
    • no load, overload warnings
    • short-circuit
  • Full Diagnostics:
    • dimmer protection tripped (MCB, RCD)
    • overload and no-load
    • load changes and comparison with memorised reference load (requires a test sequence)


  • Graphical backlit touch-screen LCD, softkeys and user- friendly menu for easy access to all dimmer functions.
  • programming per dimmer, or globally by local human interface.
  • Five control inputs with free DMX addressing.
  • 10 user-selectable dimmer laws: linear r.m.s voltage, linear r.m.s to 120 V, TV laws (BBC, TV1, TV2), zero-crossing, non-dim with hysteresis, fluorescent, square law, and 6 user-programmable custom law.
  • Voltage reduction factor for extended lamp life or variable load cable length compensation.
  • programming of dimmer law, patching, voltage reduction factor, dimmer response time, preheat.
  • Restore points to recall earlier settings.
  • Creation and storage of 80 lighting cues and 1 priority cue, each with fade and wait times, for back-up cues, working lights, or stand-alone operation.
  • After loss of DMX data: switch to other console, or maintain last levels, or wait and fade to a cue, or wait and fade to black; programmable globally, or per dimmer


  • Each module is protected by an HRC supply fuse (50 kA), and each dimmer is protected by an MCB.
  • Dimmer protection available as 1p+N disconnect.
  • Optional 30 mA RCD protection per module or per dimmer.


  • Plug-in control electronics and power supply module.
  • Double control electronics provide instant back-up (option).
  • All programming data stored on plug-in memory card.
  • Guaranteed continuity of control and full ventilation in the event of the loss of any one supply phase.
  • All modules designed for continuous duty at full rated load.


  • Assisted ventilation by means of 3 axial fans.
  • Automatic fan management.
  • Performance of each fan is monitored individually.
  • Warning message in case of too high dimmer room temperature


  • Cabinets designed for top and bottom entry of all cabling.
  • They can be installed against a wall.
  • two cabling compartments, readily accessible without removal of the dimmer modules, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.
  • load wiring terminals suitable for 2.5 - 10 mm2 ; adaptors for 16 mm2 ;
  • 35 mm2 for 10 kW


  • Up to 300 indicators, and clear text messages, for seeing at a glance the status of individual dimmers, DMX signals and CpUs, as well as
    fan failures, overtemperature, missing supply phase...
  • All error messages also available over the Ethernet network.
  • Local test of a dimmer: steady, flash or test chaser.
  • Output voltage and load current indicators per dimmer, supply indicator per module


  • 4 x 3 kW thyristors: up to 128 x 3 kW per cabinet.
  • 3 x 5 kW thyristors: up to 96 x 5 kW per cabinet.
  • 1 x 10 kW thyristors: up to 32 x 10 kW per cabinet.
  • 2 x 3 kW Fluo with switched 230 V output for preheat.


  • 4 x 3 kW and 3 x 5 kW DimSwitch.
  • 4 x 3 kW and 3 x 5 kW feed-through (non-dim).
  • DimSwitch can be either a dimmer channel or a solid state relay.
  • Full diagnostics is optional in thyristor modules


  • Cabinet: 229 kg
  • Plug-in modules: 12 kg ± 10 % depending on module type


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Technical Documentation


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