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Lighting Designer
Thomas Trummer

With the goal of achieving a more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable lighting rig, the Schauspielhaus Graz in Graz, Austria has upgraded its main stage  with an array of Claypaky fixtures.

Vienna-based LB-electronics GmbH, a distributor of high quality and innovative broadcast technology, provided 15 Claypaky Sinfonya Profile, 15 Arolla Profile MP and eight Arolla Profile HP fixtures.  The lights were selected and installed by Thomas Trummer, Head of the Lighting & Video Department at the Schauspielhaus Graz since 2009. 

The historic Schauspielhaus Graz opened in 1776 and is the biggest theater in the Austrian province of Styria.  It presents classical drama and comedy productions as well as a wide range of contemporary drama.

The Arolla HP and MP fixtures, which replaced ageing discharge lamps, were chosen for their beautiful quality white light.  With a 1,200 W white LED engine and an output of 52,000 lumens, the Arolla HP is one of the most powerful moving heads currently available on the market.  The smaller Arolla MP is equipped with an efficient 475 W White LED Engine.

Since space is always an issue in the lighting rig, it’s a distinct advantage that both Arolla fixtures have a slim, compact housing.  The Arolla HP weighs 44.7 kg, while the smaller Arolla MP tips the scales at only 24.5 kg.

“The transition not only saves a lot of energy, it offers far more creative possibilities and facilitates handling,” notes Trummer.

The other Claypaky fixture installed, the Sinfonya Profile 600, was developed especially for demanding, noise-sensitive theater applications, which is key for the Schauspielhaus Graz.  The moving head is extremely quiet and produces high-quality light via a 600 W RGBAL LED engine with an output of 12,050 lumens and a CRI of up to 95.  In addition, color corrections are possible without loss of output.

A special feature of the Sinfonya Profile 600 is the “Absolute Position” function, which allows exact positioning without a reset.  CloudIO is available for calibrating the spotlight to any reference.  Beyond offering enhanced performance, the fixture’s ability to save time in programming and re-focusing is also considerable.

Additionally, the Sinfonya’s optical system (1:12 – 5°-60°) is highly efficient and flexible, fulfilling all requirements for large and small stages, low room heights or placement to the side of the stage.